Government Invests in Leadership!


The Economic Action Plan 2013 continues crucial core funding for Canadian athletes ahead of Sochi 2014 and Rio 2016 Olympic Games and Toronto 2015 Pan American Games.

Learn2 applauds the Harper Government for its ongoing support of Canadian High Performance athletes, coaches and national sport federations with the continuation of stable core funding delivered through Economic Action Plan 2013. Sport is a laboratory for leadership so the Canadian government is investing in inspirational leaders. One medalist can inspire a massive increase in youth engagement in sport and physical activity.

Sport and leadership go hand in hand. Leadership is all about producing results and creating other leaders. Sport allows an environment to practice leading and keeps score by a set of rules to create a level playing field. Learn2 believes that opportunities to learn leadership affect individuals throughout their entire career.

Sport is truly vital to Canadian society as sport unites all Canadians in cheering and winning. Leadership is often described as the ability to coach individuals to results, to remove obstacles to performance and cheer results. Learn2 is proud to continue our relationship with the Canadian Olympic Committee as a strategic partner. “We too add our voice to thanking Prime Minister Harper, Finance Minister Flaherty and Minister of State for Sport Gosal for investing in the future Canadians who will lead because of this continuing investment in Canadian sport.”, Doug Bolger, Chief Learning Officer, Learn2.

The Economic Action Plan 2013 maintains record levels of support for programs that directly impact athletes and their development, demonstrating the Government’s commitment to building the capacity of Canada’s High Performance sport community. As the single-largest funder of sport in Canada, the Government’s core funding directly to the High Performance sport community is critical to ensuring that Canadian athletes have the right support to compete and win on the world stage.

Ninety-eight per cent funded by the private sector, the Canadian Olympic Committee works to provide funding to Canadian High Performance athletes that is complimentary to the Government’s core funding, an action which runs in direct tandem with the personal recommendations of Finance Minister Jim Flaherty. In addition to our valued government and sport partners, the COC is proud to be working with our outstanding partners to benefit Canadian athletes.



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