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How to Increase Employee Happiness

How to increase employee happiness

As a business owner or organization, the more effort you sink into making sure you have a happy team, the more efficient and productive your workplace becomes. However, slight missteps in how team member morale is supported can generate larger problems. Here is a look at how to increase employee happiness with simple strategies that can make the most profound impact company-wide. 

5 Ways to Improve Employee Happiness in the Workplace

Research has shown that happy team members are as much as 20 percent more productive. Sales associates who are happy achieve 37 percent more sales. Therefore, a happy team is always a more productive team, and contentment starts with each individual team member. Check out some tips on how to make employees happy. 

1. Prioritize Communication and Be Open to New Ideas

When team members feel that they have the freedom to communicate openly, contentment with the employer is automatically going to grow. As an employer, be sure communication is prioritized. Be transparent with general operations, objectives, and problems to foster a culture of trust and openness with the team. Consider nurturing communication between the team and leaders by hosting group meetings often and tending to conflicts as quickly as possible. Likewise, be open to new ideas. Team members who feel valued are those that feel like their ideas are appreciated and used by the company. 

2. Support Team Member Work-life Balance

Employees that are stressed due to overtime demands, working long hours, or carrying too much responsibility are not going to be as productive. A good work-life balance is important to every individual. If you recognize that you may be asking too much of your team, consider bringing in new hires or rearranging schedules. Make sure employees have benefits like vacation time, personal days, and other options to use when a need arises at home. 

3. Provide Career Progression Opportunities and Support

Career progression opportunities like mentoring programs or management training are an easy way to increase employee happiness. Team members who prefer to progress and advance won’t be satisfied in a stagnant position that has no opportunity for growth. 

4. Nurture a Positive Workplace Culture

The team can unconsciously adopt the same outlooks and energies portrayed by the company as a culture. The more you can promote a positive work environment, the happier team members will be for this reason. Something as simple as showing gratitude, encouraging social interaction, or celebrating differences of opinion enhances positive perceptions in the workplace.

5. Ensure Employees Are Appropriately Recognized and Rewarded

All individuals prefer to be recognized or feel appreciated when they work hard to achieve something for someone else. Praise, recognition, and rewards should be ongoing components of how your business operates. This may mean offering special initiatives to meet sales objectives like hosting a special event, giving monetary bonuses or added vacation time, or simply calling out team members that do a good job in the morning meeting.

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