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How to Build a Next Generation Leadership Team

Learn how to build a next generation leadership team with Learn2

Your next generation leadership team is seeking the personalized supports they need to become the leaders your organization is in demand of. These high-potential team members are eager to make a difference, and with the right leadership development plan, they will.

What are Next Generation Leaders?

Next generation leaders are the individuals, within your organization, who can be anywhere from 21 to 38 years of age. They may not have any formal leadership experience just yet, but they demonstrate the qualities of a good leader and have leadership skills that align with your organizational values and goals.

These emerging leaders are likely already raising their hands and expressing interest in becoming your next generation of leaders. They are the people who will appreciate and flourish with a strategic leadership development plan.

What Our Future Leaders Need to Thrive in a Workplace

Next generation leaders may differ from those who are currently in formal leadership roles. These young leaders are looking for particular resources and supports to be at their best. In a workplace, future leaders will need:

  • Flexibility, including hybrid working environments and work/life balance
  • Meaningful feedback in real-time that empowers them to do things as effectively as possible in line with their managers’ expectations
  • Emotional intelligence training, so they can lead with empathy, compassion and effectiveness
  • Working within organizations that are genuinely diverse and inclusive
  • Clarity surrounding expectations and how best to make key decisions

Considerations for Identifying and Developing the Next Generation of Leaders

When you are trying to discern who may be the next generation of leaders within your company, there are a few key attributes you can look for that may indicate a suitability and eagerness for leadership development. Team members who are effective communicators and active listeners will be great assets to your leadership team. The same goes for those individuals who demonstrate emotional intelligence and empathy towards others.

In addition to these key attributes, understanding your team members’ aspirations will be vital for establishing their alignment with your organization’s future. Determine who has not only the ability, but also the desire to become the next generation of leaders who encourage your organization’s sustainability and growth. Once you’ve identified this cohort, actively invest in their potential. Ensure their managers are well-equipped to train them and nurture their desire to do more. Supplement their day-to-day with people management and constructive feedback that is delivered with care. Collaboratively decide on projects that will build upon their strengths and develop new skills they will need to lead in the future.

Connect with Learn2 to Develop the Next Generations of Leaders

Together, alongside your future leaders and their current mentors, you can create plans that put next-generation leadership capacity into high gear. Reach out to Learn2 and we can help you identify and uplift the next generation of leaders in ways that generate positive benefit for your bottom line and their personal and professional development.

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