How Employee Development & Empowerment can Increase the Productivity of a Company


In modern business it is essential to increase productivity through employee development & empowerment. Empowerment is connected to the corporate team atmosphere. When principles that assist employees to have self-assurance, competence and control of the end result of their work are put into action, they feel capable or empowered to carry out their tasks adequately and without too much supervision or control. Generally, this will establish obligation to the company’s most essential mission and vision and in the long term will bring about productivity.

How Employee Development & Empowerment Works

The best approach to employee development & empowerment would be to allow employees to determine their own course of action in the workplace. They become owners of their work and they are also accountable for the effects of their own decisions. Through empowerment, the individual is capacitated or warranted to conceive, function, perform, and control work and determining the course of events in independent ways. They are thus empowered to take control of their own work conditions and expectations and empowerment is essential as a development approach.

Key Foundations of Employee Development & Empowerment

The purpose of employee development & empowerment is to create an atmosphere at work that empowers people. This is so that they can productively engage in work in a happy manner and make contributions willingly. Employees should never be made to falter because their tools or information is restricted. Employers should have confidence in the fact that their employees will do the right thing. By getting out of their way, you empower them to achieve extraordinarily for your business or company. Here are essential foundations for employee development & empowerment.

Provide Proof That You Value Your Employees

Through your actions and words, you provide the proof that you value your employees. This occurs through your countenance, your body language and how you express yourself.

Share The Vision of Your Company With Your Employees

One of the greatest foundations for employee development & empowerment lies in the ability to make people feel that they have a role to play on the bigger scheme of things as individuals. This gives them a sense of belonging and when they feel that they are a part of the mission, vision and decisive plans of the business or company, they will give themselves over to the organization.

Share Your Ambitions and Directions

Your business or company has goals and directions and when you share these with employees, you make them responsible for actualizing the results.

Work in an Environment of Fidelity

Always place your trust on employees and give them the opportunity to do the right thing. This way they can focus their attention on their work instead of worrying about security in the workplace.

Furnish Your Employees With Information

Ensure that your employees are connected to information so that they can determine the best course of action.

Solve Problems Instead of Pointing Fingers at People

Another great foundation for employee development & empowerment is always being one who seeks for solutions. Instead of pointing fingers at people, look for ways to solve problems by finding out what the problem is. Sometimes the problem might be in the system and not with the people.

Communicate With Your Employees

Communication is very essential for employee development & empowerment. Listen, ask questions and provide guidance through the proper channels of communication. Be willing to let employees find answers to the problems they have or the questions they pose. By demonstrating what they can do, they grow in the process.

Reward and Recognize Employees who Excel in Their Fields

The best way to help in the quest for employee development & empowerment is to recognize and reward the efforts of employees when they align themselves with empowered behaviors. This way, you invest in them and encourage them to develop further.



Each person has a natural communication style.
Understanding yours can and will impact how effective you are when dealing with friends, co-workers and clients.