Developing a Culture of Employee Engagement


Peter Drucker once said that Culture eats Strategy for breakfast. Skeptical? Isn’t it an effective strategy that gets business results? Intuitive yes…realistic…no. Culture drives the “why” behind the “what”. An engagement culture is what inspires your team members to take action, think differently, and doggedly pursue innovation and change. Yet, culture is not an easily packaged “thing” that you implement, and it is difficult to measure to assess any kind of ROI on your actions.

You know that engaged employees bring more good things to work…you know they produce more, stay longer and encourage others around them to do great work. You have a plan in place that you think helps your leaders engage the team. The CEO is on board. Employees seem happier. But is it making a difference? Again, you may not know because you don’t have the data that tells a compelling story.


Senior leaders must determine the specific leadership skills and behaviors needed to engage their employees to successfully execute the company’s strategy. And then they need to measure the effectiveness of these behaviours on the team and on results. Whether your organization is planning a merger, entering new global markets, ramping up sales operations, or creating a flatter corporate structure, it’s important to first think about what is needed to inspire the team to go there willingly.

Previously the value of “softer” corporate initiatives like engagement culture strategies could not be quantified. The Culture Gap Index and Learn2 Employee Engagement Surveys now allow you to see your most important gaps, understand where you are wasting money, and receive honest feedback about areas that need improvement within your organization. Quantify your current level of engagement company-wide to prioritize gaps between expectations and performance. Then collaborate with your team members to reduce those gaps, create lasting change, and measurable business results.

Imagine the benefit of having evidence of the gaps in engagement and culture within your organization. When our clients see the gaps, they want to take action. The data drives better diagnosis, faster choices, better solutions and most important – an advantage in your market. Imagine having qualitative proof of what factors drag down the performance of your team. Imagine finding out which factors inhibit results and progress!

We give leaders proof of ROI. Actual proof that your actions – like an employee town hall or a new performance management program, has made a difference in employee engagement culture and has helped to get results. It quantifies the impact. How compelling is that?




Each person has a natural communication style.
Understanding yours can and will impact how effective you are when dealing with friends, co-workers and clients.

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