Salesperson Appreciation Day – 5 ideas for a great December 5th


Your sales team works tirelessly to generate leads, billable work, and the results that move your entire organization forward. They spend countless hours reaching out, connecting, and being told in various tones that “now isn’t a good time”. Their intentions can be misunderstood, and elicit everything from laughter to outright hostility. Yet, time and time again, they reach for the phone or head to the networking event with your team’s best intentions in tow, in the hopes of making a new connection that sparks something incredible.

December 5th marks Salesperson Appreciation Day – a chance to thank your sales team for all of the amazing work that they do. Unsure of how you can adequately express your gratitude? We can help. Here are five ways you can say “thanks” on the fifth.

Call them

Many salespeople spend a considerable amount of time making calls to leads and clients. They supply the context for the call, and try to communicate the value for the recipient in an urgent, polite, and effective way. Show your appreciation by calling him or her – he/she might find receiving a call totally disarming in a good way. Take a few minutes to discuss the value they bring and the successes they’ve had. Keep it positive! Be a great listener – moments like these can yield deep insights about how things are going with your team.

It’s more than sales

On a call, in person, or in front of the entire team, take a few moments to share everything that makes your people great that aren’t directly related to sales metrics. Maybe members of your team stay late, come in early, offer to help outside of their AOR, support new peers, and devise innovative new methods to tackle old obstacles. These Herculean efforts are rarely recognized as contributions to the bottom line, and yet your organization wouldn’t be producing amazing results without them. Calling out the attitudes and habits that make a positive difference can validate everything your team does to be great.

Appreciate the family, too

Appreciation can be heaped on your sales team, and very little of it will have an impact on their lives outside of your company. A quick call or letter to a salesperson’s loved ones can help contextualize all the travel, late nights, and long hours. Thank them for their support of your superstars, and try to convey how the organization wouldn’t be the same without him/her. Use specific details whenever possible! Pair this approach with a gift for the family to acknowledge their role in your company’s rise to greatness. A dinner, a day trip, or some flex time for them to enjoy each other can all go a long way towards showing true appreciation.

Celebrate with the entire team

Host an informal gathering with snacks and beverages. Allow for celebrations, shout outs, or a sales yearbook. Encourage everyone to be positive and specific in their call-outs. If you’re a lead or manager, come prepared with several specific examples to set the tone for the participation you’re looking for. Try to steer clear of recommendations for change, or what’s not working – you’ve gathered together to share appreciation for one another. Keep it light, positive, and humble.

Choose Wine over Whine

As far as gifts go, it’s tough to beat this idea in appropriateness, ease, and pun humour. It’s not a secret that sales teams can encounter (and occasionally foster) social whininess. People hang up. Prices are too high. A competitor baited clients away with shallow promises. The team member three seats over isn’t pulling his weight, leading to long queues and annoyed customers. A subtle twist on the time-tested gift of wine can help your team through the moments of peak whine. Acknowledging that sales isn’t always an easy haul, that challenges will always emerge, and that they have your support in finding the best way forward will go a long way in rejuvenating their resolve. Share a glass and talk about something other than work.

At Learn2, we’re passionate about helping your sales team produce amazing results.

Let us know your plans for Salesperson Appreciation Day on December 5th, and be sure to check back at our blog on the day for a special way to say thanks to your sales team!



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