Corporate Team Building Treasure Hunt


A workforce needs to be more than the sum of its parts if it is ever to provide the results that a company needs to dominate its market, making it necessary to create cohesion and unity through an effort like a corporate team building treasure hunt.  Some employees of a company may view themselves as loners, while others may coast through their day, and both can cause the company to suffer.  By utilizing a team building effort in a treasure hunt, you create an objective that every member of the team needs to achieve in order for the group to benefit, simulating the value of teamwork and unity in the office.

Corporate Team Building Treasure Hunt

If the last time you have been on a treasure hunt was at a birthday party when you were only a kid, you should know that the activity for adults is both similar and different.  It takes place on a much larger scale, sometimes at the office (or an office exterior) but often at a neutral and positive location such as a park.  The goal is to find items that are either rare or hidden from view, such as an old rusty license plate or a four-leaf clover.  The fastest team to gain the item or items will be rewarded in some sense, sometimes with a cash prize and sometimes with a participation prize like a cake or t-shirts.  This can be done at any day of the week, before or after work, or on a weekend when everyone can clear their schedule.

Working as a Team to Find the Treasure

In the corporate world, no business survives unless each employee will work together in order to achieve a common goal.  Unfortunately, offices are no different than any other social activity and there are bound to be barriers to performance, such as groups and outcasts and pecking orders.  A treasure hunt helps to break through these barriers by putting employees on teams with unlikely allies (rather than teams selected by employees, allowing them to only choose who they would want).  These allies have to work together on tasks that can be complex and demanding, just like their work in the office.

A Treasure Hunt to Motivate and Achieve

The bigger picture in mind is always higher motivation and output.  A team treasure hunt achieves this by keeping moods and attitudes high.  The teams working for the goal come together and learn about each other, and how to work with each other.  The end result is an office that is cheerful and eager to help on each project.



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