Innovative Charity Team Building Events for the Holidays


This week, our  client engaged their leaders in an innovative charity team building event that culminated in a contribution back to the community. Everyone has wanted to grow their team and give to the community. Few team building companies focus on both purpose-driven and profit-driven outcomes.

Picture this Charity Team Building Event

Picture 160 leaders in 20 teams, and a more philanthropic version of Cut-Throat Kitchen. Except in this Cut-Throat Kitchen they build bicycles instead of culinary masterpieces. Each team gets dealt a challenge that could slow them down a bit. Even with the challenge, the teams find ways to achieve their task. In reality, the challenge just spurs them on.

Teams want meaning. Everyone wants meaning now. Even if you win the rat race, you are still a rat. So this event comes infused with meaning and an overriding message: no bike gets left behind. Or said differently – no child gets left behind.

The competitiveness never interferes with the ultimate goal of giving back. The client wanted the bicycles to make an impact on the community…and CP24 CHUM Christmas Wish makes huge difference with kids and families and so there was a natural fit.

Charity Team Building Event $1,000 Discount

Learn2 would like to extend a challenge to EVERY leader, team and organization to organize a festive team building event this holiday season! We’ll help your team make this happen. We’ll even give you the CP24 CHUM Christmas Wish discount. We’ll discount a $1,000 off the investment required if you book for delivery before Christmas. We’ll donate the $1,000 to CP24 CHUM Christmas Wish.

Other Charity Team Building Events

Around the World Team Race – Visit the different cultures in your city to gather the ingredients required to prepare food for your local soup kitchen
End the Hunger Games Team Cook Off – Just like it sounds. Teams face challenges and create food to end hunger
Play it Forward – Teams explore the concept of giving/sharing to identify a community of meaning to their team and organization. Then as a surprise, they give
Work Crew – Teams give a building face lift or build shelving/furniture for a local charity

You want meaning. Your team members want meaning. We can show you how to find the right charity team building event for you.



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