Ceridian Case Study


The Goal

A Cultural Transformation into an organizational culture change that motivates, energizes, and engages employees to work as a team to achieve results. Learn2’s award winning Save the Titanic training program drives cultural transformation.

The Solution

Learn2’s needs impact identifier revealed this ship needed to shift course! Learn2’s award winning Save The Titanic training program – with its emphasis on team building, employee engagement, leadership development and communication skills – matched perfectly.

The Result

Disaster avoided! Participants discovered shocking revelations about themselves and their teams. Equipped with a ‘no more making excuses’ attitude and a true sense of team – they started taking accountability for their productivity and their success.

The attitude change rippled through the office. Other colleagues and staff started to focus on results rather than reasons even though they never took part in the team building.

Soon team based efforts started initiating team growth and development elsewhere.

True transformation and culture change took root – the ship’s course had changed!

Encouraged by the results Ceridian opted for more Learn2 training programs to support them in their ongoing effort to transform the organization and its effectiveness. Ceridian even had their own internal trainers licensed to teach Learn2’s programs – saving more time and money.

What Ceridian Participants Say About The Experience

It was a wonderful change to the normal seminars/workshops I have attended and it was rewarding and thoroughly enjoyable! Amazing! Dynamic! Fun! Enthusiastic!
Patricia Browne, Manager – Implementation, Ceridian

Fun, very interactive, good exercises.
Ceres Ilao, OPS Manager, Ceridian

I learned how to work better as a team and how important working as a team is in creating productive work environment.
Ian Grace, Operations Manager, Ceridian


Each person has a natural communication style.
Understanding yours can and will impact how effective you are when dealing with friends, co-workers and clients.