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Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act

The AODA legislation impacts all organizations in Ontario with more than one employee. That means you want AODA training to achieve compliance. Has your organization met all of the requirements to date? Has your organization filed your accessibility compliance reports (January 1, 2012 and January 1, 2014)?


The following are some of the AODA requirements with compliance dates between January 1, 2012 – January 1, 2016:

= Establish policies, plans and procedures to help your organization achieve accessibility goals, and tell your employees and customers about them.

= Create a multi-year plan to ensure your organization meets accessibility requirements.

= Consider accessibility when purchasing or designing electronic kiosks.

= Make your new or “significantly refreshed” websites more accessible.

= Communicate and provide information in accessible formats, upon request.

= Provide accessible workplace information to employees with disabilities, as necessary or upon request, including information about emergency workplace procedures.

= Ensure your human resources practices explicitly consider accessibility in areas such as recruitment, accommodation, performance management, career development and return-to-work processes.

= Develop individualized written accommodation plans for employees with disabilities.

= Training of all staff as per the requirements outlined in the Customer Service and Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulations.

If you are not fully compliant and/or would like an AODA expert to review what has been put into place to ensure it meets the requirements, give us a call to learn how we can help.


Frequently Answered Questions

1. What if our company does not comply?

2. Will the government extend the deadline again?

3. When is it best to use live AODA Compliance Training versus online AODA Compliance Training?

4. What is required and how do we implement quickly and efficiently so we do not get distracted from our core talent development strategy?

5. How does AODA training fit inside our talent development and culture strategy?

6. How could we cut two carrots with the same knife?

7. We want to comply, yet we want a business benefit from implementing the AODA compliance training.

8. How do we achieve a business benefit at the same time while we implement?

9. What is the point of AODA and why should I care?

10. How much of my training budget should I allocate to AODA Training?

11. How do I best extend my budget to achieve more with less?

12. How do I tie our organization’s values to the AODA compliance so that we get another opportunity to reinforce our values and leadership behaviors?

Before you depart, here are some things you can do to get AODA compliant for your leaders and teams:

– If you want to achieve a business objective while becoming compliant. Book a 45 minute conversation with Doug Bolger, our Chief Learning Officer to talk about your desired business objectives and compliance outcomes .

– If you already know that Learn2 is a good choice for your AODA Training Programs and would like to book a 45 minute appointment with a strategist, send an email to via our contact page and we will coordinate a meeting with you.

– If you would like to know more about Learn2 and see a few of our solutions, click here now.

– If you would like to speak with someone right away, call our Learn2 Hotline at 877-4LEARN2 x 229.



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