6 Secrets to Recognize Employees Better


You know when to recognize action. You know that what you recognize gets repeated. You are a smart leader who wants to motivate others quickly and effectively. We wrote this blog after a great session of our How to Recognize Employees Program. Here are 6 tips to help take your recognition to the next level:

1. Say thank you

Thank you for all your time and effort implementing this new procedure.

2. Be specific – the little things illustrate that you get the whole

Learn2 Team Naturally ProgramThank you for creating a solution where we no longer need to print, package or mail packages. Office coordinators no longer need to open all the packages, sorting the letters, get everyone to sign the letters, package and mail the letters back. We no longer need to open all the packages, index all the letters in alphabetical order, and chase down everyone who has not signed.

3. Add the time – recognize the actual time saved every year

Same as above then add… Your innovation saves us time. I did some simple math and realized that this innovation saves us and our teams over 230 hours every year that’s 33 more days available to us this year alone!

4. Link to annualized dollar value

Now add… Your innovation changes our results. So with printing costs, postage and courier costs saved, this innovation saves us over $7750. And we save that every single year going forward – your project made us more efficient.

5. Link to impact – this aligns everyone to mission or strategy

Learn2 Time And Tasks ProgramNow add… That $7750 is equivalent to 352 gifts (or average sales) so we are using the money we raise on our mission work. That means 283 more round trip rides for patients seeking treatment every year!

6. TVI = Time, Value, Impact so link all 3 benefits together to align everyone

Use all 3 = Time, Value and Impact to reinforce all the benefits to those you recognize. Allow each benefit to lead into the next benefit. Saving time is important to everyone who works hard and wishes they had more time. Most people keep score with money so include the actual dollars saved. Remember to link to mission, purpose or desired results – this is where you can align the entire team’s activities to the same desired outcome.



Each person has a natural communication style.
Understanding yours can and will impact how effective you are when dealing with friends, co-workers and clients.