5 Minute Employee Development Plan Template


Before investing in employee development, it’s useful to find out where your team thinks you are, in relation to where you want to be. When designing an employee development plan, the first step is to define your team’s long- and short-term goals.

This employee development plan template helps you determine whether or not your team is aligned on goals and the steps required to reach them. Connecting employee learning outcomes to desired business results ensures everyone is focused on achieving the same goals.

You can print this template and distribute it to all the team members. The individual input you’ll collect will be valuable and guide your choice of which training program is best to help meet your goals. The best results are achieved when information is gathered from a targeted group of employees, like a department team of all salespeople or tellers.

What do I do with my results?

As leader of your team, collect the worksheets and compare the results. Make sure that you complete your own worksheet before examining any others. Here are some common problems you might encounter and how to solve them:

1. My team has different perspectives of our goals and capabilities.
If the team goals are not aligned, try taking our Organizational Needs Assessment. This will help you understand 3 things:

– Goals or desired results of the targeted employees

– The capabilities required to achieve the results

– How to prioritize capability gaps

Once you’ve completed the assessment, you could consider the Inspire the Future program to help get your entire team focused on the same results. Your team follows the proven process used to engage and inspire the Canadian Olympic Team to victory during the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games, this program helps gets your entire team to release the past, examine the present and visualize an inspiring future. Engaging each individual team member to contribute to the development of a plan everyone can own and implement as a team.

2. My team is having a hard time identifying capability gaps.
Everybody understands the goals, but your team needs help envisioning what is required to move from where you are today to where you want to be, consider the Bridge the Gap program. Gaps can be quickly bridged when the entire team works together to build the implementation steps and final integration. This program helps your team identify the gaps and the plan to bridge them and the skills or capabilities required to bridge the gaps.

3. My team is mostly aligned on our goals, capabilities and gaps in capabilities.
Great! You’ve probably come to the conclusion that you need some type of employee development to build your team’s capabilities. At Learn2, we offer a range of employee development programs designed to meet specific learning outcomes.



Each person has a natural communication style.
Understanding yours can and will impact how effective you are when dealing with friends, co-workers and clients.