3 Quick Easy Team Building Games


Business team building games and other ice breakers are so important to maintaining cohesiveness throughout the company and in individual working groups. It’s easy for people in the workplace to become estranged from each other, even from the people on the other side of their cubicle.

Whether your goal as a manager is to build up an already existing work group by helping them solve problems together, or to bring together people of different departments that might not otherwise know each other’s working styles, here are some examples of exercises and ice breakers you can use at your next meeting or away day.

1. Describe Yourself

For teams to discover how well they know each other, and how well each person knows themselves.

– In groups of 3-5 people, each person is given a pack of cue cards – all people should receive the same color paper and pens.

– On one note, each individual writes their name in plain block letters.

– On three other notes, each person writes in plain lettering that cannot be attributed to them, three descriptors they feel best represents them in the workplace. Examples include “social,” “well-organized,” or “good with numbers.”

– Turning the notes face-down, move all 4 them to the center of the table. All the notes should be mixed together from all team members.

– Turn over the notes and names. Have the team arrange the correct descriptors beneath each name. How well do team members know each other’s skill sets and personalities? How accurately are the employees describing themselves?

2. Pub-Style Quiz

– Break a larger group up into teams of 2-3 people. Give each little team a moment to choose a team name – tell them to get really creative!

– As facilitator, ask a series of question about pop culture, sport, and industry news. Give the teams 30 seconds or a minute to confer, before calling time. The answer should be submitted on a piece of paper with the team name clearly marked.

– At the end of 10-20 questions, the facilitator tallies up which teams have the highest and lowest score. The highest scoring team wins a fun prize; the low scorers win a “donkey prize.”

3. Truth Game

– Not to be confused with Truth or Dare!

– Perfect for round table meeting as a way of introducing yourself to the team.

– Give the members 30 seconds to think of one true statement about themselves, and one false.

– As introductions are made round the table, the person announces their true and false facts. The rest of the attendees must guess which is the true statement and which is the false!

Looking for More Substantial Games?

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Each person has a natural communication style.
Understanding yours can and will impact how effective you are when dealing with friends, co-workers and clients.