Process Improvement Training Receives Top Talent Development Award for


Learn2 was awarded Best Internal Learning Program  for its Drive the Flow process improvement training program. This is the fourth national award from the Canadian Society for Talent Development – a professional association focused on talent development and performance in the workplace. Again, the client submitted the Learn2 design for their training program.

More about this award-winning process improvement training program:

Read the case study to learn how this process improvement program empowered staff at a global bank to actively solve workflow process challenges as they arose. Another great example of learning by doing. The program bans lecture and focuses on hands-on learning to improve workflow and process. The participants worked with Lego to grow their understanding of effects of workflow. Then they applied what they learned to their work environment.

Learning impacts business strategy when the work results become projects. Most participants implemented 3 to 4 process improvement projects in their first 6 months saving the bank millions of dollars. Based on the first projects alone, the Drive the Flow process improvement program produced a 2100% Return on Investment. Remember those results represent the first implementation alone! Imagine the ROI over the employment of each participant.

Another reason for the excitement focuses on who achieved the results. These results were produced by the same people who work in the processes everyday. Not by expensive external process improvement consultants! The bank saved millions on process improvement consultants and got more engaged internal talent who showed what engaged internal teams can do. The result a healthier, happier workplace with greater results… FASTER!

The morale about process improvement consultants

Your current talent can dramatically improve your process and workflow. External process improvement consultants are not required – in fact – your team will implement smarter and faster. And the best part is, your talent development investment is self-funded. Meaning that you do not need budget as you save more than you invest on the first project. Finally learning drives business growth.

Learn2’s Drive the Flow process improvement program places teams on a high speed race against internal barriers that restrict their top performance. Read the full program description.



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