Sue Choghri

Sue Choghri

Business Development Manager

Sue has a never-ending thirst for knowledge and problem solving, she enjoys getting to the root cause of something, which she believes helps us understand how to improve things and sparks innovation. Her creative approach drives forward momentum and assists clients in reaching their highest potential. Sue is a Business Development professional with over 11 years in the industry spanning through various fields. Sue enjoys connecting with people and bringing value and success to all partnerships she’s involved with.

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Change History with Save The Titanic Team Building Experience by Learn2

Engage your Leaders and Teams with Save the Titanic – an award-winning, immersive leadership experience.

Save the Titanic™ immersive Leadership Development and Team Building program is an unforgettable experience. Your team is immersed as the Senior Officers aboard the Titanic to tackle the impending disaster. Think fast. Think smart. Your decisions mean the difference between the life and death of your passengers — and metaphorically for your business. Hands-on Learning and Leader Development […]

National Day of Truth and Reconciliation

National Day of Truth and Reconciliation

How Learn2 is reflecting on this National Day of Truth and Reconciliation At Learn2, we understand the importance of knowing our history. We take pride in making it our mission to inspire others to change the way the world learns. As a team-building company that focuses on achieving lasting behavior change, we help to create […]


Before hiring an outside team building or leadership development facilitator, most buyers have a lot of questions about their future project, like… What’s included?  What’s this going to cost me?  How long will it take?  How much of my time? My leaders time will you need?  Will I get a return on my investment?  What can I expect in […]