Doug Bolger

Doug Bolger

Chief Product Officer, Founder

Doug Bolger wants to change the way the world works. As Founder & CLO of Learn2, Doug believes that every team can achieve inspired results by unlearning, optimizing, and creating best practices. At the heart of his award-winning approach to facilitation and design lies Doug’s commitment to participant-centered and experiential Live Sessions. Teams transform and bottom lines grow when leaders and teams get committed to “doing differently”. This results-driven approach to learning has benefited clients such as Amex, J&J, JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft, and the Canadian Olympic Team. His business acumen, sizzling insights, and creative approach earned the Learn2 team over a dozen industry awards and recognition. Doug’s conviction that anything is possible releases the power and energy inside participants and inspires them to lead differently.

Languages: English, French, Spanish


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