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Pepper from Learn2


Director of First Impressions


Pepper is the Director of First Impressions. If you are not throwing a Learn2 ball or playing with her, she is sleeping or waiting for human interaction. She fills our days with moments we would not otherwise have at work. She is a loyal companion and loves meeting new friends.

Recent Posts by Pepper

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Demystifying How to Measure the ROI of Leadership Development Programs 

Measuring the ROI of leadership development programs can seem daunting, yet it’s essential for ensuring these initiatives deliver tangible benefits to your organization. The stakes are high, and understanding the true impact of your investment is more critical than ever. To demystify this process, we turn to the Kirkpatrick Model, a globally recognized framework for […]

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Measuring ROI of Leadership Development Programs: A Critical Strategy for Organizational Success

In today’s competitive business environment, effective leadership is essential. Leadership development (LD) programs are vital for cultivating the skills needed to drive organizations forward. For senior leaders, the pressing question is: What is the return on investment (ROI) of these programs? Benefits of Measuring ROI Latest Research on ROI and Leadership Development Recent studies underscore […]

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Empowering Diversity: Building Inclusive Workplaces

As Pride Month unfolds, workplaces around the globe are filled with immense pride and excitement. This month, we honor and celebrate the rich diversity, vibrant cultures, and unwavering resilience of the LGBTQ+ community. Beyond the celebrations, Pride Month presents a unique opportunity to reflect on how embracing diversity can elevate the workplace in transformative ways. […]