Why Creating a Team Culture is Like Baking a Cake

Creating a team is like making a cake. Each ingredient serves a purpose. Without an ingredient, the cake changes. If an ingredient is off, the entire cake can be distasteful or the other ingredients have to mask the bad taste of the one. When all the ingredients are fresh, the cake tastes good, feeds many and is cause for celebration.

Each ingredient serves a purpose. Each ingredient has a role and function to play in a team. Knowing your role in the team comes from the hiring process, the job description, how you are measured, your supervisor, and primarily how you choose to contribute to the team. Consider a sales person who contributes to the team yet does not contribute sales. This is similar to a cake without flour. The ingredient withholds its role and provides no added benefit to the team

12 Keys To Getting Results When Merging Teams

A company’s culture is the shared values, beliefs and behaviors that determine how people do things in an organization. A team’s culture, while aligned with the larger organization culture, can often look very different across the organization, and pocket cultures may emerge.

In the midst of organizational change and restructuring, these pocket cultures may collide, and the fallout, can be disastrous or at the very least disheartening. Keep issues related to blending team cultures a top priority and take these steps to ensure a smooth transition.

How To Jump-Start Your Culture Transformation

You’re not seeing business results where they need to be, whether it is delivering outstanding guest service, patient-centred care, or sales. Your team members are doing “their job”, but not really looking or thinking forward. You find yourself spending too much time and energy trying to get them excited about delivering at a high level. It’s just not working. So, what do you do?