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Comparing Sales Training Programs by Learn2


Sales training programs help hone the marketing skills of an organization’s sales team, which plays a critical role in achieving the targeted revenues. Businesses with the best of services and products may still not be able to break even without a highly effective...

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Building a high-trust workplace culture with Learn2

How to Build High-Trust Workplace Culture

In any relationship, trust is like the glue that keeps people woven together. High-trust workplace culture is much the same — trust is the glue that solidifies the relationships between the company and its team members. However, a high-trust organization does not happen by accident. Below is a look at why a high-trust work environment […]

Team members building rapport in the workplace because of Learn2

7 Tips for Developing Better Rapport at Work

Positive company culture is built on several important concepts, one of which is good rapport in the workplace. Rapport essentially means two people have some level of mutual respect, they communicate effectively and support one another’s thoughts, feelings, or ideas. All of these elements of good rapport strengthen a team in any organization. Importance of […]

Woman coaching her employee to improve her business writing skills with Learn2

How to Address Issues with Employee Writing Skills

Effective writing in the workplace not only portrays professionalism and competence, but it also demonstrates a level of care that will be noticed by customers and team members. When team members are struggling to clearly convey meaning or producing writing that contains errors, supportive coaching can be a great opportunity for meaningful professional development. With […]

Should You Always Promote from Within Your Company? – Learn2

Should You Always Promote from Within Your Company?

When deciding whether it is best to promote from within or hire externally, there are many things to consider. Transitions within an organization are inevitable, so deciding how best to manage them and subsequent recruitment efforts will be a fundamental component of successfully navigating organizational leadership. The focus of this blog is on the far-reaching […]

Team members collaborating in their workplace - Learn2

Building a Culture of Collaboration in the Workplace

Creating a culture of collaboration in the workplace requires pushing beyond buzz words to implement practices and programs that nurture a sense of authentic participation. When intended to become a cultural practice, collaboration cannot happen as a one-off. It must be continuously nurtured. The benefits of putting in this strategic work are far-reaching, and at […]

Communication Skills During Times of Crisis - Learn2

Communication Skills During Times of Crisis

Communication is vital to the success of any organization. However, there is perhaps no more important time for adequate communication than when an organization is facing a crisis. Here are the necessary communication skills for times of crisis and more. The Importance of Communications Skills in Times of Crisis in the Workplace When a crisis […]

Developing situational leadership skills with help from Learn2

Developing Situational Leadership Skills

Developing situational leadership skills is one of the most important things an organization can do for its in-house managers. Situational leadership allows for flexibility, which makes the workplace more efficient no matter the challenges or changing scenarios. Take a closer look at situational leadership and its importance.  Situational Leadership: What Is It, and Why Is […]

Tips for Building Workplace Wellness - Learn2

Tips for Building Workplace Wellness

The past two years have really put the importance of work/life balance and workplace wellness into perspective. Team members and their leaders are eager to find – and stay – within corporate environments where they are nurtured, not only as professionals but as people. Organizations should consider implementing workplace wellness programs and services that protect […]

Woman developing her leadership skills with Learn2

10 Traits Every Great Leader Needs to Succeed

Effective leaders influence the team and achieve the most desirable outcomes no matter the scenario or circumstance. Great leaders know when to ask teams for advice, take risks, and have strong communication skills. Below is a look at the top leadership skills every great leader needs to have to succeed in the workplace. Effective Communicator […]

Team engaging in participant driven learning development with a Learn2 program

Investing in Participant-Driven Learning Development

You know that the best learning is never an event. It’s a continuous process of discovering insights that are meaningful to you. You then consider what you are going to do about it. What if you got supported to deepen your insights and discover places to deliberately practice new behaviors? What if you were supported […]

Change culture in the workplace through leadership development - Learn2

Change Your Leaders to Change Your Culture

Company culture is a defining factor in the success of a business. Rather than being a slogan tattooed on a boardroom wall, company culture must be lived by each individual with the capacity to contribute to it – and that is everyone in your organization. To shift your company culture, you will want to get […]

A company practicing a speak up culture - Learn2

Building a “Speak-Up” Culture in the Workplace

Empowering team members to speak out and speak-up when they witness opportunities for improvement within the workplace can fundamentally improve your organization in immeasurable ways. Speak-up culture is a relatively new concept that has quickly grown in popularity over the last few years. Yet, despite the increasing recognition surrounding this innovative idea, there remains a […]

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