Client Success Stories

We had a 4-year strategic plan and we achieved 96% of our plan within time and budget.  A lot of that is because of the tools that Learn2 gave us to be able to develop this plan.


Andree Robichaud

Former CEO, Thunder Bay Regional Health Science Center

Case Studies

Canadian Olympic Committee Case Study

The Goal 

Help the Canadian Olympic Committee achieve their vision and goals – To make Canada a world leader in sport, inspired by the passion and performance of the Canadian Olympic Team. To win more medals than any other country at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

Selected Solutions
Help the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) employees, leaders, board, session, coaches, and athletes discover, change, organize and focus with learning that inspired results.

Engaged the employees and leaders of the COC to engage all staff leaders in the 2010 Olympic Winter Games goal of winning more medals than any other country through Inspire the Future. The 26 point preparation plan continues to guide the strategic intent of Games Prep and Planning.

Contributed to the Olympic Excellence Series for athletes and coaches with Dream Big! – A Life Lesson with Tiger Woods. Supporting athletes in defining their goals and embracing the impact of both a Gold Medal Moment and a Gold Medal Life.

Caused collaboration and open dialogue between athletes and coaches. Communicate Naturally allowed a path through long-ignored challenges in the athlete/coach dyad through empowering conversation focused on describing needs and achieving results.

Created team between athletes from all sports. Get Connected engaged athletes in how Gold Medals impact their sport, family, friends, hometown, and the nation. Connecting the importance of our national team to the impact of Gold Medals inspiring children who dream of becoming part of the Canadian Olympic Team – just like them.

Athletes, teams, and team managers prepared for the high-pressure environment of the Games Environment through Lead the Endurance that challenges leaders to remain focused, calm and goal-oriented in severe conditions.

The Results

Canadian athletes were prepared! Although Canada did not win more medals than any other country in the world, and athletes earned us a first Olympic Gold Medal on Canadian soil and Canada broke the record for most Gold Medals won at a single Winter Olympics by winning 14 Gold Medals.

Ongoing Initiatives

Design and facilitation of:  Sport Strategic Planning, Team Manager Development, Staff Learning & Development, Board Facilitation, Marketing Partner Workshops, CEO and Chair Development for NSFs, Marketing Development for NSFs…

What the Canadian Olympic Team Says about the Experience:

“Working with Learn2 was a truly impactful experience. The day created quite a buzz with both the athletes and coaches alike. The focus on leading an Olympian Life versus an Olympian Moment was a critical part of our Olympic Excellence Series!” – Marnie McBean, 3x Olympic Champion,  Manager, Olympic Preparation, COC

Arla Foods Inc. Case Study

Who is Arla Foods?

Arla Foods is a global dairy company and a co-operative owned by dairy farmers from Denmark and Sweden. With production facilities in 13 countries and sales offices in another 20, Arla has more than 19,000 employees. Learn2 has been working with the Canadian and US operations since 2009.

How is this project relevant ?

Learning programs can produce greater impact while reducing length.

The original learning content developed in Denmark included a 3 module program that was 9 days in duration using a traditional lecture and exercise approach including 400+ Powerpoint slides. Learn2 was asked to reduce the duration, increase the learning and Canadian-ize the content.

Learn2 added best practices from the Learn2 Library. Learn2 eliminated duplication of models, used chosen models consistently to reinforce learning and recall, removed lecture to ensure practice and application back to the work environment. For example, the Performance Pyramid started as a lecture and Powerpoint slide and became a series of application exercises reinforced in all three modules even allowing coaching practice for participants. The application of the learning drove projects and efficiencies in the plant and sales environment allowing for application after the program delivery.

Learn2 delivered the Arla Leadership Program (ALP) to all Managers – first in Canada and now in the United States. Arla chose to use content added from the Learn2 Library with additional participants not in attendance and is now adding an ALP Light for lead hands/supervisors.

The Results

Arla’s existing ALP program materials were modified to reflect the North American business culture and best practices for learning. ALP was reduced to 6 days saving 3 full days while dramatically increasing engagement and application of skills.

Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre (TBRHSC)

Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre (TBRHSC)

A state-of-the-art acute care facility serving the healthcare needs of people living in Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario. TBRHSC needed a planning process, which would result in a transformation of culture, leadership, communication, and improve results. The strategic plan called for a new organizational structure where physicians and administrative leaders operated as dyads to lead programs and service delivery.

The Learn2 Process

To achieve the results, Learn2 developed a Dyad Leadership Development Retreat. The Dyad Leadership Program connected dyads with a collaborative communication process at the core of performance. Learn2 worked extensively with the Senior Management Team and dyads to cement a collaborative decision-making approach and meeting structure amongst the newly formed Administrative Program Director and Medical Director dyad teams.

The Results

Dyads and the SMT learned they approached communication and their impact on others based on their approach. The dyads practiced collaborating in real life meetings, solving communication conflicts and engaging program staff in decisions. Dyads now identify both: how their partners and staff approach communication, and tailor their interactions to improve understanding. The development sessions developed skills to solve issues in the implementation of the Dyad structure including shaping the purpose, approach and participants in the new organizational planning and reporting structure. Participants learned to ensure meetings produce results, choose their language to reduce resistance, how to diffuse conflict and engage staff in more meaningful conversations.

Based on the output and results of the Dyad sessions, Learn2 was engaged to train the Managers and Directors to ensure the meetings structure produces results, the Senior Management Team to further accountability and increase results, and train the Board of Directors to increase the effectiveness of the Board.

The Scope

Learn2 designs, develops, trains and consults for the Senior Management Team, the Medical Advisory Council, the Board of Directors and the directors and managers.