Team Building Outdoor Races

Program Awards:

With many existing themes to choose from, you can choose the theme and challenges that best reinforce your desired outcomes. Save time and money by leveraging our existing designs tailored to fit your needs. Or custom-design challenges to reinforce key messages or value propositions like Lenovo did. Lenovo race participants poured water, used fingerprints to access files, and located lost computers using the find me option. Basically, we can custom-tailor a Race to fit your needs and your target participants.

How does the teambuilding work?

After an energetic and engaging introduction by your facilitator, teams navigate their way to checkpoints across your city. At each checkpoint, teams complete a series of engaging challenges and capture their progress in photos and videos on a digital camera. After teams complete the challenges at one checkpoint, they race to their next location. Teams arrive at the finish line with memories, stories and mementos. Some teams do not even care which team won as they have so many stories to share with their colleagues.

Themes include:

Musical Mystery Tour™

In this outdoor teambuilding race, teams explore the magic of music. Teams race across your city guided by musical clues based on amazing remakes of classic rock and roll songs from the Doors, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and others.  Teams use the clues in the songs to locate checkpoints. At the checkpoints, teams complete challenges to obtain another musical clue that guides them one step closer to the finish line.

Throughout the race, teams discover little known rock and roll secrets hidden within your city’s landscape. Toronto hosts this Race regularly and over the years Toronto has witnessed many unforgettable moments in Rock and Roll history for your team to discover. With the Magical Mystery Tour™, your team create some of their own magic!

Tour the World™ – Around the world in LESS than 80 days! 

Experience the beauty of the cultural mosaic of Toronto first-hand. Participants explore the diverse cultures of Toronto. Teams visit communities within Toronto to experience the tastes, sounds, and uniqueness of different cultures. Participants gain unique experiences completing challenges in local shops, restaurants and bars. Teams capture proof of their experiences with pictures and videos on their digital cameras.

Give them an experience they will never forget. Participants leave with mementos of their adventures in historic sites, shops, with shopkeepers, and the diverse Torontonians they meet and collaborate with to complete their tasks.

Pirates Pursuit – Ahoy Swashbucklers! 

Have a great time with colleagues while engaged in playful competition in this outdoor teambuilding program.  Bringing out the Capt. Jack in all of us, this team experience builds on the participants having fun, competing and networking with each other, and creating lasting memories.

This race leads to a surprise. Combine your team adventure with a trip to Toronto Island to find the Finish Line, and Wrap-up Party. X really does mark the spot for your teams final location. Many teams arrive to the summer bbq or all-team social gathering.

So many ideas:

We can tailor an existing Race based on our Races designed for Las Vegas Reverse Scavenger Hunt where you have to return all your items to save Elvis), London (the Underground), New Orleans Musical Tour, Chicago’s Gangland and Architectural Tour, Film the Big Picture allows your team to film their own movies and walk the red carpet, and the many, many unique races designed for Toronto.

Get the result you need. Help your sales team or distributors to experience your value propositions firsthand. Help your team connect with franchisees and get valuable customer feedback. Got a specific result you want, challenge our learning designers to create a custom-designed solution to achieve your team – we’ve proven our ability with 2000 KPMG participants.

Program results

Work together as a team, drawing on each other’s strengths
Embrace their competitive drive to win
Work collaboratively and think creatively to solve challenges and achieve tasks
Engage fully as a team while connecting with locals for great, new memories
Laugh and live the key messages