Serve Like A Pro Naturally

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Imagine the possibilities of a serving staff that individualizes their approach to different personality types and leaves guests feeling understood, connected, and ready to return again and again.  We will transform your servers into professional serving teams that take ownership of their job and full responsibility for increasing sales while providing exceptional service.  Serve Like A Pro Naturally can help you achieve goals associated with guest relations, sales and service, labour efficiency, management and overall productivity in every department.

The common challenge of restaurant owners and managers to hire, train, and maintain serving staff is enormous and never ending.  This is a major contributor to the larger challenge of controlling your labour costs.  This program will help you reduce staff turnover and improve the results and consistency of training.  Serving staff will begin to recognize the need to increase their value to guests, to fellow staff, and to managers; managers will likewise discover the benefit of engaging differently with their serving teams to effect a higher functioning operation.

Using the Naturally-series colour-metaphor for remembering and understanding human communication preferences, this program engages participants through a series of simulations that help develop practical skills for approaching hospitality in a new way that is as natural as it is revolutionary.   When barriers to effective customer service are eliminated, your serving staff learn to accomplish more in less time and serve with the same pride and level of commitment as if they were owners.

Entertaining and enlightening, Serve Like a Pro Naturally illuminates the benefits of working together with members of other departments to function more efficiently.  By recognizing the diversity and unique perspectives of other teams within your organization, your serving staff, hosting staff, and management gain a more thorough awareness of your company’s desired outcomes


I learned the steps of success from the guests sitting down to the guests leaving.

Lisa Walsh
, SIR Corp.





Give us a call, toll free at 1(877) 453-2762 x299 or email us at and we’ll confirm availability for dates of your choosing.
We conduct a thorough needs assessment based on your business goals and people outcomes. Next, we prepare a recommended blue print for your program. We are willing to tailor every imaginable aspect of the program to fit your unique needs. It is important that we use your language and become an extension of your team to reinforce all your existing investments.
In short, everyone within your organization. Our naturally-series programs are highly effective and always popular across the board. Serving staff, hosting staff (full time, part time, summer staff), along with managers and owners will all benefit from this unforgettable serving experience. Serve Like A Pro works as a one-of inhouse training work-shop, or a fully integrated modular training program across an entire franchise, it is also the perfect side-dish for any Food Service Professionals conference looking to make an impact on the future of the food service industry.


Great question. There are many factors at play in determining the overall cost of running this program. We factor in the number of sessions, the number of participants, the length of session to achieve the desired outcomes, and the facilitator you choose. It also depends on the amount of work you and your people do versus us and our team. It is definitely worth a conversation with one of our facilitators – we DO NOT have sales people so don’t worry about getting sold. Many clients are shy about sharing their budget, and we work within budgets to provide you with a program that still meets your team's or franchise's unique needs. A smaller budget may mean there are fewer bells and whistles, and you can still get a big bang for your buck! Contact us for free at 1(877) 453-2762 x299 for a free consultation and we can determine what you need to best achieve your desired outcomes. Or email us at
We will come to you at a time of your choosing. As with every aspect of a Learn2 program, we will work with you to tailor the schedule to a time that works for you and will be best to achieve optimal results. We will travel to a location/venue/city of your choosing to run the program. Costs associated with travel are in addition to the program facilitation fees and will vary depending on the specific travel requirements.
We can accommodate any size group from 2 to 1000+. In most situations, the more the better. This improves the diversity of perspective. You and your new teams have a unique opportunity for a powerful start with a perspective that many new and existing restaurant operators simply don’t experience. More importantly, training a new team effectively can take a long time and become very expensive. This is particularly true if you don’t get the results you need, and/or find it difficult to retain staff and incur the added expense of having to replace them too soon. You have a great opportunity to reduce those costs, and build great habits. We love working with new teams!


92+% of our work comes from existing and past participants who refer us. Our clients prefer to achieve actual business goals and apply their learning during LIVE sessions. Their feedback is clear: one-offs rarely work and smart commitments over time always prove to achieve better ROI. We listened and are happy to now offer clients the option of a Smart Buyer’s Card, which gets you 4 live sessions for the investment of 3.
Our clients have found that learning is the best way to transform their business results. We’ve seen our smart buyers experience dramatic increases in their business numbers. To make business results happen you have to advise what numbers you want to move, then we build a unique plan to make that happen for your team. The clearer you are with the business goals you wish to achieve, the better our design and the greater your impact.
If your training is elevated, so will your confidence be in potential recruits. Have you or your managers ever interviewed candidates that you thought would be great but had little or no experience, causing you too much concern to take a chance on them? Have you ever regretted that decision because you knew that eventually that individual could be great? We can help you create or improve your training manuals. Whether you want to improve, revamp or create restaurant training manuals or training checklists, we’ll help you cover every category necessary. From servers’ sales & guest relations, to how staff departments interact to support each other, to overall managing of the guest experience, we can help standardize your operation.