Serve Like A Pro Naturally

Imagine the possibilities of a serving staff that individualizes their approach to different personality types and leaves guests feeling understood, connected, and ready to return again and again.  We will transform your servers into professional serving teams that take ownership of their job and full responsibility for increasing sales while providing exceptional service.  Serve Like A Pro Naturally can help you achieve goals associated with guest relations, sales and service, labour efficiency, management and overall productivity in every department.

The common challenge of restaurant owners and managers to hire, train, and maintain serving staff is enormous and never ending.  This is a major contributor to the larger challenge of controlling your labour costs.  This program will help you reduce staff turnover and improve the results and consistency of training.  Serving staff will begin to recognize the need to increase their value to guests, to fellow staff, and to managers; managers will likewise discover the benefit of engaging differently with their serving teams to effect a higher functioning operation.

Using the Naturally-series colour-metaphor for remembering and understanding human communication preferences, this program engages participants through a series of simulations that help develop practical skills for approaching hospitality in a new way that is as natural as it is revolutionary.   When barriers to effective customer service are eliminated, your serving staff learn to accomplish more in less time and serve with the same pride and level of commitment as if they were owners.

Entertaining and enlightening, Serve Like a Pro Naturally illuminates the benefits of working together with members of other departments to function more efficiently.  By recognizing the diversity and unique perspectives of other teams within your organization, your serving staff, hosting staff, and management gain a more thorough awareness of your company’s desired outcomes