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Save the Titanic

This immersive learning experience casts your team as Senior Officers aboard the Titanic. Using ship schematics and passenger status reports, teams are faced with real-life situations to challenge their ability to diagnose problems, develop solutions, and prioritize the actions needed to overcome impending disaster.

How will your team communicate in an emergency situation? Will their collaboration skills allow them to make quick decisions to avert disaster and save the lives of the passengers and crew? Or will they face the consequences of their actions and go down with the ship?

Can your Team rewrite history?

Don’t let your team sink!

This incredible experience provides the foundation for teams to diagnose a situation, think creatively, and solve problems, as well as delegate, collaborate, and improve the quality of their actions. Click below to learn more.

Is your team strong enough to overcome a crisis? In this award-winning program, team-work will be put to the test! Teams face many obstacles that limit performance during a dramatic re-creation of the Titanic’s maiden voyage.
Save the Titanic
You'll get results:
  • Participants experience the value of collaboration when working toward a unified goal
  • Builds trust and accountability between peers
  • Stimulates creative problem solving in high pressure situations
  • Strengthens communication, leadership, and team-work through interactive immersion learning.

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Pricing Details of Save the Titanic

Discovery Package

Starting from $7,500
Up to 4 hours immersive engagement experience
Includes 2 facilitators
Up to 30 participants

Enriched Package

Starting from $10,000
Up to 7 hours immersive engagement experience
Application learning breaks
Includes 2 facilitators
Up to 30 participants

Integrated Package

Starting from $17,500
2 Days  immersive engagement experience +
Core Competency Development session
Includes 2 facilitators
Up to 30 participants

Save the Titanic has been chosen by:
KPMG  Johnson & Johnson  Sony  Aegon  Aon  AstraZeneca  Bata  Boehringer Ingelheim  D&B 
Awards and Recognition

of participants would recommend this program to a friend or colleague.

Best External Training Program Canadian Awards for Training Excellence

Some of our amazing clients say:



The experience was and is just that – an experience and a journey that will not be easily forgotten; learnings that will follow me throughout my personal and business life and a motivation to make real change. We (and I) can make effective change happen.



It was a great activity that put everything we have talked about into practice. It was a blast! Great way to build relationships and to have fun.


Leader, MIC

Great lessons learned! Will bring back many of the concepts back to my organization to improve our teamwork.

Frequently Asked Questions about Save the Titanic

How long does a Save the Titanic session last?
3.5 hours minimum for the core experience with 1 tool embedded. Easily expands to 1 day with tools, practice and debrief. Even 2 days to ensure business goals. Learn2 designs all experiences to be modular, so your unique design will fit your timeframe or expand with additional learning and application.
What tools will my team learn in Save the Titanic?
Your unique design is based on your Clear Path Conversation. The tools depend on your outcomes and definitely include "Yes, and... Circles". In general, teams who want to experience leadership, team, innovation, problem solving and strategy at the same time - they usually want to apply their learning to solve business challenges.
How many can participate in the Save the Program at a time?
We delivered 850 participants for J&J. This program expands by adding additional coaches which allows you to add additional tables of 4 to 8 participants. Tables can support different languages as this program materials are currently in French and Spanish also. All participants engage and receive the same learning at the same time.
What kind of space do we need for Save the Titanic teambuilding program?
Teams ideally sit in round tables or half-round tables. Avoid boardrooms unless you have one large team like a board – as the table dominates the room and allows very little flexibility. Clients also choose to run Save the Titanic aboard ships in Chicago, Grand Cayman, Mexico, Montreal, and Toronto.
Can Team Forward activities accommodate those with disabilitiesCan Save the Titanic Teambuilding and Leadership program accommodate those with disabilities?
Accommodation is rarely required and Learn2 training programs achieved results with the Special Olympians, the Deaf Blind Coalition and Paraplegic Association.