Want to expand your opportunities

by facilitating award-winning Learn2 LIVE experiences?

Let’s get you started! You get a concentrated certification with all the tools, tips and materials to ensure you shine.  You get 1:1 coaching until you are confident. You can request a custom-version of any proven Learn2 experience to achieve your organization’s goals. You join other like-minded thought leaders eager to change the way the world works.
Do You Have What it Takes to get Certified?
You are an energetic, development-focused leader, who helps others change the way the world works. You get how important the focus remains on the participants – rather than you. Learn2 LIVE experiences create opportunities to impact how leaders and teams work. You get a thrill when the learning becomes application. And when application impacts results. You believe learning is the source of exponential business results.
Why Get Certified?
Learn proven techniques and learn from a master facilitator. See firsthand how to facilitate in a participant-centered way. Experience the ownership of your participants when they create the learning, practice application and achieve business impact.


Certification is an investment-friendly way to rapidly deploy innovations, improvements and change behaviors permanently organization wide!

We’re busy. So invest in your leaders. Let them lead. Those leaders want you to Sustain and Amplify the impact of the LIVE sessions on the business goals. Our Amplify and Sustain platform makes it easy to achieve permanent organization-wide behavior change.

How Certification Works
It’s simple! For a profit-driven organization, your internal trainers and leaders attend our Train-the-Trainer
Program to get certified and bring the expertise and valuable learning concepts back to the company.
For a purpose-driven organization, your internal trainers or volunteers attend our Train-the-Trainer
Program to get certifi ed. Sole proprieter L&D consultants get certifi ed to increase your offerings to your
How Do I Get Started?
Take our assessment by clicking here. Have we sparked your interest? Give our team a call
(1-877-453-2762 ext. 229) to schedule an appointment with a member of our solutions team. They’ll walk
you through our Learn2 processes and get to know your needs.
Be prepared! Don’t forget to gather a detailed inventory of your facilitator-related experience. Our team
will take a deep-dive into your world to ensure we are a good fi t for each other.

is certification right for me?

Lead the Transformation with Licensing

License Your Own Team to Deliver Learn2 Solutions Content: Bring Expertise and Valuable Learning
Concepts In-House.
What Does It Mean to Be Licensed ?
• You become certified to deliver and market Learn2 programs inside your organization or to
your clients
• You earn a percentage of the revenue every time you use a Learn2 program
• You earn Facilitation fees if you are certified on the program and choose to deliver it yourself
• You also earn a finder’s fee on all business you uncover and choose to pass on to Learn2
Benefits of Licensing With Learn2
• Rapidly deploy improvements and change behaviors by providing on-demand training exactly when
and where needed
• Expand your program offerings without spending time on program development
• Build your expertise and profi le as a facilitator inside your organization or build the capability of your
entire internal L&D team
• Adapt learning to match culture and achieve the desired results. Each program is designed in
modules, making it easy for you to customize
• Position your L&D department and organization for rapid growth
Why License with Learn2?
• Proven Instructional Design: You get experiential learning programs tested on over 100,000+
participants guaranteed to produce results-oriented learning that changes behavior
• Support: To coach you to achieve impressive “will recommend” scores
• Scalable: You can easily scale actual deliveries from small groups to groups of 500+ participants,
with additional coaches
• Awards: You get to facilitate best practice learning programs designed by one of North America’s
most-awarded learning organizations recognized with multiple national and industry learning design
• Versatile: You can easily tailor the learning programs to match your timeframe and desired learning
• Memorable: Participants remember their experience, their learning and retain their changed
attitudes, behaviors and culture

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