Sales Training Simulators

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On your mark, get set… sell!

The main reason new sales initiative fail? Sales people lack confidence and ability in front of their first few Learn2’s one-of-a-kind Ready, Set, Sell! sales training simulators help sales teams achieve new levels of sales success. Stop allowing sales people to practice on customers. When launching a new product or targeting a new market, ensure your sales team practices key messages, overcome objections and are prepared properly to succeed before your team connect with your clients.

Sales Training Simulator Description:

In a Ready, Set, Sell! sales training simulator, participants begin by practicing a single aspect of your selling cycle until participants combine skills to practice the entire sales process. We replicate your selling environment and targets – decision maker, influencers, economic buyers… Then, we place the sales team in the middle of the action to apply the sales strategies needed. Simulators ensure results for new products, new markets, new approaches and improving performance.

Sales simulators challenge your sales team under pressure to apply their skill and learning within demanding, realistic situations. Test assumptions, determine responses and influence customers – before you send the sales team out. Feedback from peers and coaches on individual and team performance reinforces learning and application. Innovations and improvements get applied to the next simulation, so each participant improves their personal best.