Questions are the Answer

Ever had a productive conversation with a person you enjoyed? Become that person – and create greater results or sales with others!
We’ve all had the experience of having wonderful, productive conversations – conversations that have altered our lives and changed our minds. We all know people who are great listeners, who always seem to say “what we need to hear”. These are people we listen to. And there are others who we don’t listen to.

In this program, you become a person who other people listen to. You will practice having conversations that make a difference for the other person. You learn the difference between “having an agenda” and “being committed” to delivering value to the other person. This experience will open your eyes and ears to the power of listening and asking questions.

Program Description:

The quality of your life and career is directly related to the questions you ask and not by the answers you have. Success lies in your ability to ask questions that create new opportunities for yourself and others.

Experiential exercises will allow you to practice listening, asking the right questions, creating a common purpose, and to “end” conversations so they are complete but not over.

Learn the three-tiered structure for questions that gets results. Learn ways to get clients to reflect on their big picture, their current situation and articulate their needs. Learn how to reinforce the gravity of the situation, how to create desire for a solution and highlight the risk in not taking action.