Program Needs Impact Identifier Report

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Stop wasting time, money and talent with training that fails to produce results. Stop damaging morale with training that is not relevant and does not get applied. Find out what is affecting performance and how to remove those barriers.

Get the best ROI from your investments. And get clear on how to select learning providers and programs that deliver the right content, right approach and the right fit for your staff.

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You require expert insight and validation. Invest wisely in a Training Needs Impact Identifier Report that matches your program needs with business objectives. Learn2’s method reveals the attitudes and behaviours required for your human resources to transform learning into results.

Your Needs Impact Identifier Report provides the insights required to make informed choices about learning providers and learning programs. Learn2’s needs impact identifier method produces award-winning results because it looks at the factors that reinforce performance. Your report details how to change behaviour with specific types of skill practice and how to reinforce learning.

Our Needs Impact Identifier Reports have led to multiple award-winning learning programs and business results such as increased sales from $800m to $1.4b in one year. Benefit from our team of experts who have been conducting learning needs impact identifier for over 20 years; 1000s of times.

Your Program Needs Impact Identifier Report contains:

  1. What new levels of capability are required by your strategy
  2. The levels of ongoing performance required
  3. Limits to engagement and application of learning
  4. Action plans with tactics to reinforce behaviour change
  5. Skill development criteria and supporting attitudes
  6. Opportunities for additional performance improvements
  7. How to apply real-life situations using actual workplace scenarios