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To have an impact in the business, leaders take action, invest in their employee development, and have a growth mindset. Are you that kind of leader? Learn how to achieve measurable growth through leadership development coaching, designed to retain top talent, build effective leaders, and improve business results.

Impact Coaching - Team and Leadership Development by Learn2


Supported through Impact Coaching, your leaders apply insights learned from our executive coaches to achieve and report back the impact they are working toward. Teams choose where they can create the greatest impact within their role or department. Your leadership team will love the tangible value of the improvements and innovations that your team creates.

Impact coaching is designed to:

  • Achieve measurable impact on business projects, processes, and innovations
  • Create the conditions for enhanced performance for different styles of leadership, leadership skills development, mental fitness, and emotional intelligence
  • Value Teams’ strengths, build expertise and rapidly develop skills
  • Identify opportunities in the workplace for deliberate practice, and to apply insights from programs
  • Retain leaders while rapidly developing their capacity to lead results
  • Engage in meaningful dialogue with a leadership coach in a non-judgemental and safe environment

Through impact coaching, teams often see more than 10X returned in small changes in efficiencies or larger innovations to production, process flow, or product.


You want your senior leaders to continue to grow and have a positive impact on the business.

These strength-based, solution-focused 45-minute conversations with an Impact Coach supports teams to elevate performance, drive impact projects, accelerate innovation, and enhance personal growth development priorities.​ Impact Coaching sessions are available in blocks of 3, 6 or unlimited sessions over a 12-month period. You can choose to participate in leadership coaching individually or with an Accountability Partner.


During the leadership coaching experience, a coach will work with your leaders to identify the goals of the business, then help you set clear objectives that align goal, whether it be to grow the business, improve efficiencies, or streamline workplace communication. Through coaching conversations, we’ll support your leadership team to make an action plan, helping you achieve your organizational goals.


What’s included in leadership development coaching?

  • Establish a clear vision for your personal growth
  • Define your long-term career goals (3-5 years)​
  • Discuss your current strengths and successes​
  • Analyze Top-3 development priorities and create development plan​
  • Reflect and adjust your behaviour to achieve your ideal outcomes​
  • Define and implement your Impact Project (optional)
  • Choice of Impact Coach and Accountability Partner​
  • Access to monthly BrainTrusts facilitated by an Impact Coach

Why is leadership coaching important?​

  • Coaching supports performance and leadership development​
  • Leaders get immediate support on specific challenges and business critical projects. ​
  • Demonstrates investment in your people​ so you retain and develop key leaders
  • Further develops and sustains the value of coaching​
  • Supports leaders in this virtual world by role-modeling coaching behaviors​
  • Impact focused learning challenges both individual leaders and leadership teams to take ownership drive impact​
  • Accountability Partners provide guidance and support by rapidly building coaching capacity, and a consistent internal culture of peer coaching without external cost

Common Development Priorities Addressed By Impact Coaching (specific to each participant and may include):

  • Identify development priorities that support business goals
  • Identify opportunities for growth within an organization
  • Achieve measurable impact supported by evidence and reinforced in the teams individual development plans
  • Create the conditions internally and externally for mental fitness through relatedness, competency, and autonomy to empower all teams
  • Notice how mindset, thoughts, and emotions influence performance and to channel these emotions into positive performance mindset to achieve outcomes
  • Identify triggers, resistance and distractions that impede desired performance outcomes, and mental fitness
  • Offer choice to overcome challenges and encourage the implementation and adoption of new leadership behaviours
  • Implement tools and strategies from any development program and apply tools to grow
  • Building emotional intelligence while enhancing the level of self-awareness through personalized coaching, eliminate blind spots and reflect upon performance

The Results of Leadership Coaching:

Through leadership coaching, learning shifts from a cost to an investment with a tangible and measurable economic return. Teams often see more than 10X returned in small changes in efficiencies or larger innovations to production, process flow, or product.

Impact coaching supports leaders and teams to apply their learning insights, tackle challenges and projects. Participants with impact projects are able to enroll in impact coaching to ensure the learning lives on and is applied to benefit the larger team, clients, and business.


What project do you know would build your capabilities and create value for the business?

Take action and invest in your development through Impact Coaching. You have the power and ability to create business impact, drive your career forward and continue to develop and grow as a leader. It all starts with you…


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