Customer Retention Training Program

Program Awards:

If you need to meet specific customer retention targets then you want to talk with our Chief Learning Officer personally. A mix of business strategy, employee engagement and proven customer retention tactics can save more customer.

How can you be sure that the investment in customer retention training will give you massive ROI by reducing customer churn. You need a customer retention training program with a proven track record of improving save rates.

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Recent customer retention training program results:

  • The last team we trained had retentions rise from 56% to 89% – thats 33% more saves!!
  • The whole department’s overall save rate rose from 47% to 66% from what one team learned
  • The Customer Retention Training Program scored 94.4% Net Promoter Score (17/18 scored 10/10)
  • The facilitator scored 100% Net Promoter Score (all 18 scored 10/10)

You get results using proven techniques. We guarantee it.

We listen to your goals and design how to achieve those goals. Our experience creating results in call centres, sales and customer service allows your team to achieve their save rates. Let our learning designers focus on the attitudes, behaviours and culture that produce results.

Our award-winning facilitators and designers achieve results – from sales increases from $800m to $1.4b in one year; to a 148% increase in sales during a simple card activation conversation.

Our Customer Retention Training Programs draw from several successful implementations so you receive proven techniques to save time and investment. The program focuses on application of the behaviours that produce results and removing the roadblocks to retention.

Clients often heed our advice – adding retention offers, changing scripts and changing coaching methods for customer retention staff. Even the most-jaded customer care staff who’ve “been there and done that”, talk about how much they learn and brag about their innovations. They own their learning, you get their results.