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Tour The World

From translating signs to finding clues planted in city newspapers, teams race to complete challenges at multiple cultural centers across the city like Greek Town, Little Italy, China Town, Little Korea, Old Town, and other famous landmarks.

Challenges can be customized to your unique business needs such as exploring your competitors’ approach to business, encountering innovative marketing in the downtown core, or learning to further their skill set. At the end the day, teams enjoy the diverse food they have collected along the way and watch a video of their performance to celebrate their journey of connection and understanding.

Help your team learn to appreciate and be inspired by the ethnic, geographic, and cultural perspectives that surround them in a race across Toronto, one of the world’s most multi-cultural cities!

Tour The World
You'll get results:
  • Explore how culture and nationality impact work styles through various approaches.
  • Benefit from the perspectives of diverse cultures.
  • Broaden your horizons by stepping outside of your own traditions and viewpoints.
  • Coordinate with team members to solve culture-based problems.
  • Strengthen team spirit and form new relationships.

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