Time and Tasks

Program Awards:

This complex, real-life simulation immerses participants in a cauldron of choices. Faced with a constant stream of decisions about which tasks take priority and how to balance long-term projects with immediate concerns, participants learn to cope with a time crunch by honing their ability to understand what matters.

Time and Tasks is not a lesson in time management techniques. It is a deep learning experience that gives your team a whole new way of thinking about their role. The program takes participants through a series of challenges in which they have to decide how to delegate, allocate and coordinate to ensure that time is used effectively and return on investment is optimized.

Time and Tasks is an engaging and memorable program that creates the optimal conditions for learning – immersion, teamwork and fun – and inspires lasting results.

Program results

Eliminate habits and approaches that waste time and undermine success.
Use coordination and teamwork to save time and improve productivity.
Budget for unforeseen events to avoid costly detours.
Consider return on investment for all time allocation decisions.
Emphasize deep solutions over quick fixes.