Step Up to Supervisor

Program Awards:

Prepare potential Supervisors to excel – regardless of pace, expectations, or demands

Introduce employees to the responsibilities of a Supervisor and at the same time provide an opportunity to evaluate if a career in supervision if the right choice.

Step Up to Supervisor is designed to prepare the front-line for success in future leadership roles. This experience provides a realistic and practical look into supervision by providing awareness and knowledge of what is necessary to be successful in a Supervisory role. It also provides employee the opportunity to determine whether pursuing a Supervisory role is the correct career path.

Program Description:

Through specially designed activities this program investigates the core set of personal traits, skills, and knowledge needed to be a successful leader. It opens participants up to the realities that come with more responsibility and accountability. Step Up to Supervisor focuses on the communication and interpersonal skills, coaching performance, delegation, motivation, empowerment and accountability. This interactive and enlightening experience concentrates on the key factors of Supervisory success and gives participants the opportunity to take their performance to the next level. 

Program results

Understand the implications of their personal actions on their co-works and team’s engagement, development and results
See the importance of building personal accountability in yourself and others (through commitment, specific actions, and results)
Establish an understanding of how to coach for improved performance through developing and engaging others
Recognize importance of setting expectations and goals that drive results
Understand the differences between individual contributors and leaders