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Soul of a Leader

Rise to the leadership challenge!

What is a leader anyway? Is leadership a skill or an approach that naturally emerges? Can the barriers restricting leadership be removed?  By engaging in Soul of a Leader™ participants wake up to, or become conscious of, leadership – not as personal achievement – but rather as emerging from being their values, vision and the future of the organization they lead. Ultimately, participants become the force driving the future of the organization.

Program Description: 

This experience has six modules – each consisting of a full-day learning experience followed by 2-4 weeks of application and coaching calls each week for 20-30 minutes with a designated coach. The modules move participants from thinking about leadership – as something they either aspire to or as a set of skills they need to acquire – to being a leader in their organizations and in their lives.

Bold conversations force participants to confront their fears and their authenticity as leaders. Participants discover the impact on themselves, their work lives, and their organization, and gain the clarity required to begin the work of transforming their leadership.

True leaders know that leadership is not what you do, but who you are. This essential leadership development program unlocks the potential in your team by moving them from “thinking” about leadership as a set of skills, to “being” a leader who inspires leadership in others and ultimately transforms organizations.

Soul of a Leader
Benefits / Outcomes of Soul of a Leader
  • Set the groundwork for knowing leadership – Module 1, Personal Leadership
  • Harness the beginnings of power – Module 2, Leading Relationships
  • See all possibilities – Module 3, Leading Performance
  • Manage projects versus projecting success – Module 4, Leading Projects
  • Cause leadership in others – Module 5, Leading People
  • Own and live the vision – Module 6, Leading into a Future 
You'll get results:
  • Lead from a place of authenticity and honesty
  • Take responsibility for being the driving force for change
  • Understand the essence of leadership and what limits it’s effectiveness
  • Inspire leadership in others

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Frequently Asked Questions about Soul of a Leader

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