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Presentation Skills

If your presentation skills are less than ideal, your business results will be negatively impacted. Ideas fail to get understood, leaders are unable to take action, teams feel lost, and leaders’ messages lack impact.

How much revenue is your organization missing and how much time is wasted because of poor presentation skills?

Would you like to plug that hole?  If so, engage Learn2 for a Presentation Skills Training Workshop.

How Learn2’s Presentation Skills Training Works

We focus on building skills immediately using our proven presentation skills best practices. We build on top of the participants’ current presentation skills. Participants

We practice to get comfortable with the new skills which improves confidence.

Did you know that every 100 employees waste an average of 17 hours a week just clarifying communication? For most organizations that’s $500,000 + wasted annually.  

Presentation Skills
You'll get results:
  • Open with a POW to engage every audience
  • Apply the first 12 steps to a strong opening
  • Get comfortable presenting impromptu and on stage
  • Boost confidence
  • Apply the last 12 steps to a strong close

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Awards and Recognition

of participants would recommend this program to a friend or colleague.

In addition, our training workshops have been awarded over a dozen awards over the last 10 years.  Contact us today for a free assessment of your needs.

Some of our amazing clients say:

Amy Farrow

Manager (Logistics), Canadian Olympic Committee

Table top exercises were great practice. Videotaping was key for learning.

Erin Mathany

Manager (CRM), Canadian Olympic Committee

Individual attention in group environment, great tips/tricks that I’ll take with me.”

Frequently Asked Questions about Presentation Skills

How long does a Presentation Skills Training Workshop last?
As little as 1 hour for 1:1 coaching to days. Most clients choose 1 day with follow-up days after they realize the value. Learn2’s Library of communications modules has 20+ days which you can easily mix and match.
How many can participate in a Presentation Skills Training Workshop at a time?
We keep the size smaller usually 10 to 15. Our communication programs expand by adding additional coaches which allows you to add more participants.
Some of the Presentation Skills activities seems, well… wildly different! Are you sure my participants won’t think they are silly?
Doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers, executives, IT geeks and Olympic athletes & coaches say no. Different styles of activities and challenges guarantee engagement from different participants so we vary the activities for full engagement.
What kind of space do we need for a Presentation Skills Training Workshop?
We tailor to the available space and location. Sometimes you want a stage for practice, or a podium. Avoid boardrooms– as the table dominates the room and reduces interaction and flexibility.
Can Presentation Skills activities accommodate those with disabilities?
Yes, and accommodation is easily identified as Learn2 training programs achieve results with the Special Olympians, the Deaf Blind Coalition and Paraplegic Association.
How much do Presentation Skills Training Workshop cost?
Prices vary, based on time, the number of participants, travel, etc. Many clients are shy about sharing their budget, but we will work within your budget to provide you with a program that will meet your needs. A smaller budget may mean there are fewer bells and whistles, but you can still get a big bang for your buck!