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Meetings that Produce Results

Poor communication can sink meetings and limit results. Follow a clear framework, understand what makes a meeting effective, and achieve new levels of productivity.

Meeting that Produce Results Leadership Development Program by Learn2

Research indicates that over 50 percent of business meeting time is wasted. This means less results from the meetings themselves and wasted time that could be used in productive work. No wonder employees and managers resent using time at meetings. Billions of dollars are wasted every year as a result of ineffective meetings. Implementing a proven methodology and effective behaviors are the key components for your meetings to produce results.

Meetings that Produce Results uses direct experiences to help participants embrace a new approach to managing meetings. Beginning with the enormously successful XYZ agenda structure, teams learn practical techniques and an organizing framework that ensure successful interactions and eliminate wasted time.

Full of applications and opportunities for feedback, this program illustrates the kind of listening and speech patterns that ensure focused attention and productive disagreement. Participants learn how to plan, execute and debrief meetings so that time is well spent and conversations lead to results.


Create helpful agendas to produce meaningful outcomes in specified times

Open meetings POWerfully to quickly engage participants

Learn how to move conversations forward to expected results

Deal with resistance to reduce conflicts, derailments, and avoid straying off topic

Learn when to move on versus discuss in-depth

Choose the “right” meeting frequency for your team

Change the Way You Work

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