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Handle Resistance

Are you encountering resistance from within your team? This essential program focuses on how to deal with resistance positively through open and honest dialogue in order to strengthen communication and increase the speed in which change is adopted.

Resistance grows in an environment where concerns are left unacknowledged; leading to resentment and self-imposed roadblocks on productivity, progress, motivation, and sales.

Working together through a series of fun and engaging activities, participants learn to view resistance as an opportunity for growth, and that that by asking the right questions and listening actively, change can become more widely accepted and quickly implemented.

Handle Resistance
You'll get results:
  • Forum to engage leaders in the behaviors required to successfully implement strategy and create results.
  • Interrupt the destructive pattern of allowing and engaging in Reasons-based conversations.
  • Identify the reasons and resistance that each leader handles most frequently. What this means – you’ll understand better where the issues are in your leaders, teams, and internal work flow. This helps us determine what future sessions would optimize work, change projects and teams.
  • Crack the Code – your leaders apply practical tools to end the ACTUAL resistance they get from their team mates and customers. Everyone learns together and from each other.
  • Leadership alignment – We call it the All for One and One Approach for All outcome. Your leaders talk about the importance of interrupting Reasons-based conversations immediately because they spread. Be aware – Executives you will also get your resistance handled as leaders become more adept and focusing on the critical path to Results!
  • Leadership Job Aid Created – all reasons and resistance get handled effectively by acknowledging the person and immediately redirecting to a Results-based conversation. Every reason and resistance the teams literally work through how to respond. The best solutions get captured and curated for the current leaders and any new leaders who join your team.
  • The Bonus Outcome we rarely talk about is the Trojan Horse Effect. By your leaders learning how to handle the resistance of others… they actually learn how to handle their own resistance to change. They naturally become more results-focused and find reasons-based conversations pointless.

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Handle Resistance has been chosen by:
Chiropractic Canada  Arla  Canadian Cancer Society  Ryerson University  Rogers  Johnson & Johnson  Deloitte  MediSystem 
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Some of our amazing clients say:

Cheryl Fry

Sr. Manager, People and Development - Media Sales & Marketing, CBC Television

Learn2 is our primary partner for learning and development. Their programs always hit the mark, and deliver a high return on investment. We have no doubt that Learn2’s contribution has helped us build employee engagement, and has consequently improved our service to clients and our business performance

Noel Woodsford

Licensed Public Accountant, Deloitte

The objectives Deloitte set for Learn2 at our Leadership Development Forum were far exceeded thanks to the energy, enthusiasm and the insights on team behavior relayed by the Learn2 Instructors to this senior management audience.

Frequently Asked Questions about Handle Resistance

How long does the program last?
As little as 1 hour to days. Our intro modules are normally 3 hours. Learn2’s Library has 20+ days of communications modules which you can easily mix and match. Job aids are created in as little as 1 day.
How many can participate in the program at a time?
We’ve run communication programs for 2500 participants regularly for real estate conferences. Our communication programs expand by adding additional coaches which allows you to add more participants. All participants engage and can participate and receive the same learning at the same time.
What kind fo space do I need for program?
We tailor to the available space and location. Sometimes bigger rooms are better to allow for more practice. Avoid boardrooms– as the table dominates the room and allows very little interaction and flexibility.
Can Handle The Resistance Program Accomodate Those with Disabilities?
Yes. Learn2 have achieved results with the Special Olympians, the Deaf Blind Coalition and Paraplegic Association.