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Serve It Up!

Serve It Up immerses teams in a culturally-themed high energy cooking experience that challenges their teamwork and project management skills.

Time constraints and detailed measures for success push teams to find the most efficient approach to the task at hand, resulting in new understandings of how roles within a team add up to achieving a unified goal.

Discover the right recipe for success with this interactive and engaging program for effective team and project management. Using cooking as the central activity, teams are placed in a real-life kitchen where they learn that much like business strategy, there are many ingredients and steps that must be followed to achieve results.

Serve It Up!
You'll get results:
  • Break down complex projects into smaller achievable goals.
  • Delegate the right task to the right team member.
  • Understand how individual roles play a part in the big picture.
  • Strengthen collaboration by solving a challenge with a unified approach.
  • Maintain positive attitudes under duress.

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