How do I create a more inclusive and diverse team?

Shallow understanding of diversity weakens inclusion and innovation. Inclusivity drives critical outcomes from team performance and improves when everyone feels included. Inclusive teams make better decisions and deliver better results.


To create a more inclusive and diverse team, you want to stretch existing norms to create more inclusion and engagement inside all conversations; from staff meetings to career conversations. Deliberate practice of tools and engagement structures achieve more business results better and faster. 

Can it be that simple? Yes. Inclusion and diversity happen in every meeting where a better question gets asked from a different perspective, rather than staying silent. Hiring and recruiting biases are slowly be acknowledged and reduced. Now is the opportunity to unlock participation in the regular workday to challenge previously held thinking from unique perspectives.

Find the Path to Success

The types of learning programs that create inclusion and engage the diversity of perspective focus on participant engagement rather than content. The best programs leverage the inclusion and active participation in the experience rather than teaching leaders to be inclusive. Deliberate practice drives the experience of inclusion. 

Cultures within specific teams can transform within weeks and business units within months. Organizations discover Participant-driven experiences, like Save the Titanic, are the best opportunity for creating an inclusive and diverse team. These experiences are immersive and allow participants to sit in the driver’ seat and implement change.

The key to creating a culture of leadership is to support leader development beyond training. Embrace impact Our Inspire the Future program allows the entire team to vent and find their voice. The program empowered the Canadian Olympic Committee to achieve a world-record 14 Gold Olympic Medals. Most participant-driven approaches naturally create inclusion and empower diversity.

Team Naturally: Sales Acceleration Workshop by Learn2


Using colour as a metaphor, teams develop a powerful and memorable framework for understanding each other and improving team dynamics!

Save the Titanic team development experience by Learn2

Save the Titanic Leadership Challenge

A leadership development course that immerses your leaders in a reimagining of the renowned tragedy, reigniting their love of learning & compelling them to pull together to secure the future of your company.

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