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Anu Murthy

Client Experience Coordinator


Anu, a Client Experience Coordinator with a background in operations and customer service across diverse sectors like manufacturing, IoT, and EdTech. She is excited and enthusiastic to support and champion Learn2’s vision that aids individuals and teams in improving and reaching their full potential. With a strong passion for delivering effective solutions, Anu consistently strives to apply her skills to navigate challenges effectively, utilizing her expertise to craft impactful strategies for both companies and individuals. Anu is committed to adding value to Learn2’s overall growth and success by making positive changes through creative solutions.

Recent Posts by Anu Murthy

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Measuring ROI of Leadership Development Programs: A Critical Strategy for Organizational Success

In today’s competitive business environment, effective leadership is essential. Leadership development (LD) programs are vital for cultivating the skills needed to drive organizations forward. For senior leaders, the pressing question is: What is the return on investment (ROI) of these programs? Benefits of Measuring ROI Latest Research on ROI and Leadership Development Recent studies underscore […]

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Empowering Diversity: Building Inclusive Workplaces

As Pride Month unfolds, workplaces around the globe are filled with immense pride and excitement. This month, we honor and celebrate the rich diversity, vibrant cultures, and unwavering resilience of the LGBTQ+ community. Beyond the celebrations, Pride Month presents a unique opportunity to reflect on how embracing diversity can elevate the workplace in transformative ways. […]

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Relax to Excel: Leveraging Leisure for Personal and Professional Growth

As we dust off the remnants of the Victoria Day fireworks, it’s clear that summer is knocking at our door—a season synonymous not just with ice creams and suntans but also with a golden opportunity for personal reinvention. Often seen merely as a pause from the daily grind, leisure is actually a powerful catalyst for […]