Anu Murthy

Client Experience Coordinator

Anu, a Client Experience Coordinator with a background in operations and customer service across diverse sectors like manufacturing, IoT, and EdTech. She is excited and enthusiastic to support and champion Learn2’s vision that aids individuals and teams in improving and reaching their full potential. With a strong passion for delivering effective solutions, Anu consistently strives to apply her skills to navigate challenges effectively, utilizing her expertise to craft impactful strategies for both companies and individuals. Anu is committed to adding value to Learn2’s overall growth and success by making positive changes through creative solutions.

Recent Posts by Anu Murthy

Fostering a Culture of Kindness: Random Acts of Kindness in the Workplace

Fostering a culture of kindness in the workplace can have a profound impact on employee morale, productivity, and overall well-being. Random acts of kindness, both big and small, can create a supportive and inclusive environment where employees feel valued, respected, and appreciated. 6 Practical Workplace Kindness Initiatives: Random acts of kindness have the power to […]

How to increase employee happiness

How to Increase Employee Happiness

As a business owner or organization, the more effort you sink into making sure you have a happy team, the more efficient and productive your workplace becomes. However, slight missteps in how team member morale is supported can generate larger problems. Here is a look at how to increase employee happiness with simple strategies that […]

A boss using annoying workplace phrases with employees

Annoying Workplace Phrases to Avoid

Ever felt annoyed by cliché, overly used corporate lingo and phrases? It turns out that a lot of individuals and team members are feeling the same. Good communication in a workplace means everything, but the key to good communication may mean letting go of unappealing business jargon. In a recent poll conducted by Slack, 63 […]