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When do I run a BrainTrust?

Anytime you have a challenge. Because BrainTrusts are meant to be fast, you can utilize them anytime you need ideas to help move through an obstacle. You can use it for a single problem you have or as part of monthly meetings to tackle larger departmental challenges.

Who do I invite to a BrainTrust?

You want a diverse group, ideally from different departments and backgrounds.  Your goal is to take advantage of mental diversity.  People solve problems in different ways, you want the uniqueness to shed new light on the challenge.  Challenge yourself to invite those normally outside your sphere.

As a leader should I run them myself?

You can!  In fact, you should run the first couple of BrainTrusts to help your team get a feel for how they are conducted.  Then encourage your team to run their own.  You’ll find they come up with their own solutions to problems they used to bring to you to solve.  You’ll get a stronger team, and free up time to concentrate on other business priorities.