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Impact Coaching

Have your team apply the new tools they have learned to create real behavior change and drive economic impact.​

Your impact coach supports your team in applying insights to track, achieve and report back the impact the are working towards. Participants choose where they can create the greatest impact within their role or department. Your finance team will love the tangible value of the improvements and innovations your team creates.

The Result: Learning shifts from a cost to an investment with a tangible and measurable economic return. Teams often see more than 10X returned in small changes in efficiencies or larger innovations to production, process flow, or product.

With 12 participants at a leading telecommunications company, 7 participants created $58.8 million in tangible economic impact through process and innovation improvements.


What Are BrainTrusts?

A BrainTrust is a structured conversation of 5 individuals in a peer mentoring circle designed to solve business challenges in just 30 minutes. ​

Each BrainTrust has random participants or is curated based on themes such as: challenges (typical objection, type of buyer) or current situation (client industry, medium/large/enterprise, sales stage).

Why Participate in a BrainTrust?

You broaden your network while providing value to the conversation.​

You heighten your curiosity skills to deeper understand challenges.​

You get diverse exposure to ideas and perspectives on challenges that matter to you.​

You apply all the knowledge to your own business.

Tips for BrainTrusts

  • Choose a leader to keep process moving​
  • Use a timer to ensure efficient shares and time management​
  • Ensure everyone shares and has a voice​
  • Deepen your understanding with intentional questions​
  • No advice, telling or recommendations​
  • Only sharing of lived experience so everyone learns from real experience

BrainTrust A - Peer Mentoring Circle in 30 minutes by Learn2