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Who do I invite others to participate in a Yes, and… Circle? 

Answer: For the best outcome, you want to be inclusive and invite a diverse group of people from different teams with different views and experiences.  

What do I do if people are hesitant to engage in the Yes, and… Circle? 

Answer: It’s normal for some people to be reluctant to test new approaches, so begin with a fun practice round. This allows everyone to learn how a Yes, and… Circle works first. The question for your practice round could be “What is the one thing you appreciate in our team?” 

Now that we know how Yes, and… works how can we change it up to keep it interesting? 

Answer: To keep a Yes, And… Circle interesting allow everyone to share 1-2 opening questions that are most relevant to them. You could also gamify a Yes, and… Circle by making it competitive between teams. For instance, which team could come up with the most layers in 5 minutes. 

Now that you know how to run a Yes, and… Circle, expand and deepen the value of this tool: 

  • Use the Idea Generation Cards to prompt the team’s thinking. (Download Cards)
  • Use the Idea Capture and Layering Forms to help capture and organize ideas in an organized manner. (Download Layering Form)  
  • Use the Score Sheet to record your score. Add one point for each layer on an idea and remove one point for each “but/however”.  Work together to beat your last score as the Yes, And… concept becomes more and more natural in your team. (Download Score)