I’ve Got the POWer

Session with Learn2 on July 23, 2020

POW Perfect – Pitch Competition Winners

Team 5: The Winners

James MacGregor
Vasheel Damania
May Gross
Gurlove Takshak
John Manuel
Megan Scurlock
Bianca Toulany

I've Got the POWer - Top 10 Learnings from this Experience
  1. Know your audience and what they need
  2. Importance of delivery, authentic delivery
  3. Know your audience, work backwards, how will they hear it
  4. Time management, being able to put something together in 5 mins
  5. Be enthusiastic 
  6. Focusing on YOU, rather than I
  7. Understanding importance of EQ when communicating with others
  8. Being authentic helps convey message
  9. Acknowledge problems, get clear
  10. Always structure what you are going to say, figure out how you will deliver it, work backwards