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Problem: How to Host a Large Team Building Event that is Effective?

Large team building events are high risk and can be high reward when done right. Large means executive and leader involvement which means everyone is watching for the business value. Large means logistics can destroy the experience and leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth no matter how entertaining. No one wants their time wasted anymore. You want everyone to contribute, to be heard, and to have a valuable experience.

The Solution

The best solution is to ensure everyone in the team building get immersed together. When everyone is actively engaged in the experience, they can create any outcome together. Ensure that their team building experience drives actual business value by having participants apply their insights to the business. To do this, ensure the participants contribute actively and that those contributions get captured and shared to help the business exceed its goals. This generates the ownership you need to implement. 

Change the Way You Work

Avoid one person speaking to many or glitzy entertainment with no business value. Ensure each individual participant gets to be in control and contribute to the experience. Organize participants in teams to capture their contributions to create impact in the business. By giving your team building participants voice and control, you get owners who don’t require change management – they created the action plan, and they know best!

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