Handle Resistance

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Resistance is a predictable, natural, emotional response that takes place within everyone. To successfully move projects and clients forward, your people must understand how to handle resistance. 

 Participants begin by identifying the worst resistance they have ever received and then learn the nature of resistance, different levels of acknowledgement and the power of asking the right questions. By asking the right questions and listening actively, leaders learn to understand different perspectives and build cohesive teams. This interactive approach to leadership builds trust, connects people, and illustrates that resistance is an opportunity. 

Handle Resistance gives participants direct experience with new techniques for alleviating the stress, conflict and tension that arise in times of change. Using self-reflection and shared learning processes, participants discover that resistance can be seen as a source of information and opportunity while they explore new modes of conversation that energize teams and improve interactions.

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I felt the program was very insightful! I came away with a different way of handing customer issues. Moving forward, I will have a better understanding of providing best possible customer experience.

Kevin Bremner
, Wind Mobile

I enjoyed the session as it allowed me to get a bigger picture about how important communication is in our everyday lives.

Aisha Siddiqui
, Canadian Olympic Committee

I will practice what I’ve learned because I generally do care and want to change the atmosphere.

Christopher Taddy
, Arla Foods





Our programs are available in English, French (Quebecois, Acadian, and Parisian), and Spanish. When identified during the initial needs assessment we can also facilitate in multiple languages within the same program.
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We can accommodate any size group from 2 to 1000+. In most situations, the more the better. This improves the diversity of perspective. And since we parallel process most of the time, you can achieve 10-20x the outcomes at the same time with a larger group. You would get a master facilitator for groups over 100. For Learn2, large groups start at 500.
Our programs are fully immersive and provide lots of action and interaction to create the best learning experience for your team. We do not believe in making participants sit through long boring monologues and taking pages of notes from a powerpoint presentation. We provide action-packed and unforgettable experiences that guarantees engagement and produces results.


Great question. There are many factors at play in determining the overall cost of running this program. We factor in the number of sessions, the number of participants, the length of session to achieve the desired outcomes, and the facilitator you choose. It also depends on the amount of work you and your people do versus us and our team. It is definitely worth a conversation with one of our facilitators – we DO NOT have sales people so don’t worry about getting sold. Many clients are shy about sharing their budget, and we work within budgets to provide you with a program that still meets your team’s unique needs. A smaller budget may mean there are fewer bells and whistles, and you can still get a big bang for your buck! Contact us for free at 1(877) 453-2762 x299 for a free consultation and we can determine what you need to best achieve your desired outcomes. Or email us at Info@Learn2.com.
The minimum valuable time invested by the leader is a 20-30 minute conversation to determine the focus of the program. In some designs, the participants even choose the focus once the business goals are identified. Most of the time, senior leaders want to invest time in reviewing the blueprint design and after to determine how to sustain and amplify the impact of their Live session to drive business goals and culture transformation.
As with most elements of our program, we can tailor the length of the facilitation to meet your needs. Officially, we recommend 3 hours minimum for Handle Resistance and ideally 5 to 6+ hours as a stand-alone program. Learn2 designs all experiences to be modular so most can fit your timeframe or expand with additional learning and application when you add time.
Yes, we travel to any location/venue/city of your choosing to facilitate the program. Travel expenses are in addition to the program facilitation fees and vary depending on the specific travel requirements.


Your facilitator meets with you after the program for your results meeting to review the outcomes for the day. During the results meeting you and your facilitator generate additional opportunities to amplify and sustain the learning. Participants receive access to post-experience videos to reinforce the main learning concepts. Your team can immediately apply their learning to their current business challenges and goals.
We keep getting asked this question. Yes. You can get certified to facilitate the program in your company or in a specific geography.
92+% of our work comes from existing and past participants who refer us. Our clients prefer to achieve actual business goals and apply their learning during LIVE sessions. Their feedback is clear: one-offs rarely work and smart commitments over time always prove to achieve better ROI. We listened and are happy to now offer clients the option of a Smart Buyer’s Card, which gets you 4 live sessions for the investment of 3.
Our clients have found that learning is the best way to transform their business results. We’ve seen our smart buyers experience dramatic increases in their business numbers. To make business results happen you have to advise what numbers you want to move, then we build a unique plan to make that happen for your team. The clearer you are with the business goals you wish to achieve, the better our design and the greater your impact.