Womens’ Leadership Development Options

What’s Next? The full program covers 10 sessions…

Session 2Executive Presence – How You Show Up Matters, Your Leadership Style

Session 3 The Mindful Leader – Leading on Purpose, Getting Clear, Setting Boundaries, Delegation and Letting Go

Session 4Clear Courageous Conversations – Communicating for High Performance, Questions to increase engagement, Negotiation Mindset, Push Pull Conversations

Session 5Leading in Challenging Times – Stress and Self Care, Making Difficult Decisions, Collaborative Problem Solving, Using Resilience to increase leader effectiveness

Session 6Effectively Leading Through Change and Resistance, Mobilizing for Successful Change with Self and Others

Session 7Developing Your Team – Assembling and Leveraging Team Strengths, Working Through Others, Development Conversations

Session 8Focused Interactions – Coaching strategies, Building strength in others, Helping People Stretch, How we show up in meetings, Designing and Using Stories for Impact

Session 9Leading Up – Stakeholder Effectiveness, Understand and leverage your value chain, Powerful Conversations, Increasing Visibility, Leveraging Your Strength, Analyze your derailers

Session 10 – Accelerating Your Results