Team Building

Save the Titanic

Your teams take control of Titanic moments after she hit the fatal iceberg. Participants confront their preconceptions and limitations in the area of team, communication, quality, problem-solving in a high-pressure situation, and leadership. Teams develop the skills necessary to diagnose a situation, delegate, collaborate, and improve the quality of actions in this incredible experience.

Team Naturally

Entertaining and empowering, Team Naturally improves morale as teams address barriers to smooth communication that waste time and undermine unity. The session also unifies the team through shared experience, increased understanding, and celebration of each other’s tendencies.

Inspire the Future

Participants will plan your organization’s future in the form of a plan with clear direction. Groups will work together to define how to avoid obstacles, define the behaviors to achieve the plan, complete the action plans, and identify the milestones/metrics to inspire the behaviors and actions required.

Lead the Endurance

Lead the Endurance puts your leaders in the shoes of Sir Ernest Shackleton and the crew of the Endurance as they attempt to cross Antarctica. Follow step-by-step through the greatest story ever told. Discover how leading differently kept everyone alive while stranded in Antarctica for several years.

Lead Naturally

Lead Naturally is a key program in the Naturally series. Developed specifically to help organizations negatively impacted by leadership behaviors, actions and messages that are less than ideal. This program boldly confronts the authenticity of leadership and helps participants realize the impact of their approach.

Save the Titanic

In this extraordinary program, your team is cast as senior officers during a dramatic recreation of the Titanic’s maiden voyage. Using schematic diagrams of the ship and status reports about the passengers and crew, participants are faced with dozens of real-life situations that challenge them to diagnose problems, develop plans, take action and assess results.

Sell Naturally

Imagine a sales force that individualizes their approach to different personality types and leaves customers feeling understood, connected, and ready to sign the deal. Entertaining and enlightening, Sell Naturally will boost sales productivity as teams engage in this memorable program that uncovers the secret to effective customer relations and inspires lasting results.

Handle Objections

Handle Objections gives participants direct experience with new techniques for alleviating the stress, conflict and tension that arise in times of change. Using self-reflection and shared learning processes, participants discover that resistance can be seen as a source of information and opportunity while they explore new modes of conversation that energize teams and improve interactions.

Reveal the Secrets

Your greatness is hidden all around you. In this insightful and engaging program, participants explore what makes their organization, products, services, and teams exceptional. Perfect for both new initiatives and established practices, Reveal the Secrets uncovers unique advantages that can rally your team to new heights.

Fun Outdoor

Outdoor Races

Inspired the incredibly popular Amazing Race, this teambuilding adventure includes all the excitement of a TV reality show along with a strong corporate team development dynamic!

Film the Big Picture

Participants are given a script and a theme. With the addition of props, costumes, cameras, sound and lighting, teams must collaborate to create their very own masterpiece. 

Tour the World

From translating signs to finding clues planted in city newspapers, teams race to complete challenges at multiple cultural centers across the city like Greek Town, Little Italy, China Town, Little Korea, Old Town, and other famous landmarks.

Fun Indoor

60 Second Challenge

The rush of collaborating and competing in this program’s dynamic environment will build a strong team foundation, while the light-hearted nature gives your team a chance to work together in an entertaining environment.

Bridge the Gap

Bridge the gap engages your team to identify vision by understanding where you are now as an organization, where you want to be, and the gap that is standing in the way of success.

Serve It Up

Serve It Up immerses teams in a culturally-themed high energy cooking experience that challenges their teamwork and project management skills.


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