You’ve got this box in front of you and you’re probably pretty curious about what’s inside.

You’ve been working heads-down for the last year, trying to keep the business going forward,  and there’s a big digital divide that’s happening. You’re here, team members you’re working with are far and distance from you - you’re missing a connection. You’re missing a connection with peers, you’re missing that emotional connection you have with other people. 

What if there’s a way to get that connection? And that connection is the beginning of an experience that’ll give you opportunity to think differently about the future, see places where you were normally stuck as opportunities and have you learn from other peers about what’s really possible.

That’s what this box is the beginning of. We’re going to gather together, open up the box, see what’s inside of it and use that as a catalyst for an experience called a participant-driven experience. 

Looking forward to seeing you do this! You’ve got two options: 

 1) Open the box with us and then jump right into an experience where you will unlock possibilities for the future 

2) You’re going to open the box with us and have a sneak peek with what’s possible with participant-driven experiences. 

Either way, you’ll stop leaving money and time on the table, you’ll be able to action projects going forward and really make a difference in your organization.

Looking forward to un-boxing with you! 

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