The Secret to Effective Communication in the Workplace


A company cannot be successful without establishing effective communication in the workplace. This is essential in promoting teamwork and maintaining harmony, especially in today’s diverse working environments. When problems come along, saying the right things at the right time can lift up spirits and boost morale.

The smooth flow of communication also helps increase productivity by ensuring that everyone is properly informed about project details at all times. Yet communication remains a big obstacle for a lot of businesses. It is a fine art that can take time to learn but patience and perseverance are always rewarded. The following will help push things in the right direction:

Provide Clear and Concise Instructions

People should be engaged in meaningful work instead of having to read emails all day. Make sure that information sent around the office is as brief as possible without losing important details. Directions should be of crystal clarity to avoid any confusion. After reading the memo or hearing the announcement, everyone should be on the same page. Encourage employees to ask questions for clarification.

Show Respect to Every Individual

Every person has his or her own unique qualities, preferences, and ways of doing things. Diversity should be respected and celebrated as it creates a vibrant workplace where people can learn so much from each other. Management should use communication to make employees feel valued. This will enhance their loyalty to the company, as well as inspire them to go above and beyond the call of duty.

Use Diplomacy When Dealing With Conflicts

There will always be some form of friction when people are placed in stressful situations, and the corporate setting is plagued with stress. It is how managers handle these conflicts that determine whether they become disruptive or not. Use diplomacy to diffuse the situation and keep emotions in check. Be fair and sensitive to all the parties concerned yet firm regarding company policies.

Learn to Listen and Empathize With Others

Above all, a good leader must learn that communication is a two-way street. While the final say must come from the top, the management should always keep an open ear to what employees have to say as they are the ones on the frontlines. There should be constant dialogue with concrete results to build trust and promote further cooperation.

Managers must continuously refine their communication skills so as to become better at their job. Ilearn2 can help in this process by providing high level training that can broaden their perspectives on the subject. Simulations, challenges, and other fun activities will be used in combination, all with the goal of enhancing effective communication in the workplace. If you want to enhance your and your entire team’s communication, check out Communicate naturally.



Each person has a natural communication style.
Understanding yours can and will impact how effective you are when dealing with friends, co-workers and clients.