Gillian Anderson from Learn2

Gillian Anderson

Program Coordinator & Virtual Orchestrator

Gillian is passionate about helping others find the solutions they’re looking for, to drive the results they desire and deserve. Her participant-driven approach to Facilitation and Coaching creates a learning environment for participants to step out of their comfort zone and tap into their true leadership potential. She creates this space through rich and meaningful discussions that directly relate back to the participant’s world. Her vibrant personality, formal background in education, and professional finesse make each of her immersive learning experiences unforgettable and are the driving forces behind our client’s ROI.

Recent Posts by Gillian Anderson

How to increase employee happiness

How to Increase Employee Happiness

As a business owner or organization, the more effort you sink into making sure you have a happy team, the more efficient and productive your workplace becomes. However, slight missteps in how team member morale is supported can generate larger problems. Here is a look at how to increase employee happiness with simple strategies that […]

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Annoying Workplace Phrases to Avoid

Ever felt annoyed by cliché, overly used corporate lingo and phrases? It turns out that a lot of individuals and team members are feeling the same. Good communication in a workplace means everything, but the key to good communication may mean letting go of unappealing business jargon. In a recent poll conducted by Slack, 63 […]

A leadership coach helping an employee

Mentoring Vs Leadership Coaching

Discussions around mentorship and leadership coaching often see these two terms being used interchangeably. However, while these two ways forward towards formidable models of leadership certainly have some overlap, there are also important distinctions that organizations can put to work.   Understanding how mentoring and leadership development overlap and differ can help empower your next professional […]